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It's one thing to start with the laundry at our feet. We're pretty good at that. What we're not so good at is preventing the mountains from growing. But then again, if we considered that to be a problem, we'd fix it. In actuality, our attitude is, "Yes! Please! Add it to the pile!" But only when we're talking about translating. Not so much when we're talking about actual laundry.

Our schedule just gets fuller and fuller, and as it does, we look at it and squee. While we're putting one time-sensitive project on hold to work on another time-sensitive project, our boss at Del Rey e-mails and asks if we can get the next volume of Negima, plus another book, turned in by the end of February. We have a deadline for Yen Press in mid-February, and a Happy Cafe due right at the beginning of March. In the meantime, we just got the books for the new TokyoPop series today, so we have to read up on that, plus the next volume of this CMX series we're working on. It's pretty intense, but it is also incredibly awesome.

And here I was planning to talk about organ lessons. There's actually not that much to talk about, come to think of it. Basically, Sister S showed me what I need to know to get the organ set up to play for sacrament meeting, and said, "Okay, play something." Then she taught me how to "creep." Organs don't have a sustain pedal like pianos do, and that means once your fingers leave the keys, the sound goes away. Period. And that sounds kind of funny when you're trying to sing hymns, especially if a note gets repeated, because then you have a staccato thing going on that just doesn't really work. So when playing the organ, you hold down the keys as long as possible, and that means holding notes down instead of repeating them. Unless they're in the melody. It's not really hard, but it takes getting used to.

At one point we stopped and Sister S showed me some of the organ's neater functions. She pulled out the stop to make the organ sound like chimes, which sounded really cool when playing "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day." Also, the organ has these punch card things that you insert into a slot above the keyboard to make it sound like different instruments, but it wasn't working, so we were sad. I noticed one of them said "harpsichord," and when we talked about it later, we had to agree that it would probably not be a good idea to take over the organ in the chapel in order to play "A Pirate's Life is a Wonderful Life" from Disney's Peter Pan.

And now we promised we'd finish our first run through of this book tonight, so back to work, back to work.

Today I'm thankful for getting that one project done, hearing from blackhope, having lots of great manga to read and translate, Oreo showing himself, and being a little closer to being able to play the organ.
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