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Today is kind of really busy. It probably wouldn't have felt quite so busy if we had written this week's column yesterday, but yesterday was even more intense, so it's okay. But it's only kind of really busy, because not everything on the list of Stuff To Do takes very long. For example, our home teacher visited today and wasn't even here for half an hour.

But in more exciting news, yesterday while we were working, we heard some rumbling outside, and we figured it was probably thunder, since it was all stormy and everything. It probably was, but it wasn't alone! When we were watching Castle, we saw a commercial for the news, and their top story was that a tornado had hit! Whoa! It was kind of weird to think that we had been outside on a day when there had been a tornado. And then all night last night when I woke up and heard rumbling outside, be it from a plane taking off or a car driving by or whatever, I was like, "Oh no! Tornado!"

I'm not sure I have a whole lot else to talk about. Page is being very affectionate after her long exile in the spare bedroom. We kept telling her to stay away from Oreo's hiding place and she kept not listening, so we locked her up. And then we were working, and it's impossible to keep an eye on them while we're working, so she stayed locked up. She didn't take it as well today as she has on other days, though. She would wail and wail sometimes. Maybe she was worried about tornadoes, too. ...Probably not.

We had vague plans to go see The Princess and the Frog for the fifth time tomorrow, but the person we made the plans with was very specific that she had to be out of the movie and able to go to class or something by noon. And the earliest showing we have is at eleven. Boo. And she's busy for the rest of the day. We're not sure we have much longer, too, because the Disney Movie Club is going to have it available to order on DVD as of February 9 (they get it early, apparently).

Well, I suppose I should stop wasting time trying to be interesting and go take care of some of those things on the list.

Today I'm thankful for the opportunity to try Italian four-cheese Cheez-Its (they're kind of like Doritos, only Italian), the tornado being relatively far away from us, the awesome episode of Castle last night (it was super intense!!!), getting another pair of size 9 knitting needles, and cinnamon donuts being on sale yesterday.
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