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Last night we watched Disney's Hercules, and I was all ready to type a nice long geek out over it, though I hadn't decided on whether to talk about how people need to get over the fact that it's not the actual Hercules myth or to compare it with The Princess and the Frog. And then there was the fact that we realized that young/teenage Hercules was animated by Randy Haycock, the same guy who animated Naveen, which not only prompted more animation geek-out, but led to a Google search in which we found this video of him animating Naveen. That not only led to more geeking out, but almost kept us from going to bed, because when it was over it provided a link to a video featuring Naveen's voice actor (who incidentally was in an episode of Castle; we really need to find it and rewatch). But we were good and went to bed anyway, and then the day exploded, making me forget most of the things I wanted to type about. I could probably remember them with some thought, but I'm very tired.

On a happier note, we discovered that FedEx does not take Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off when the delivery woman knocked on the door and delivered the package with our books to translate for CMX. This was fortuitous timing, as we were kind of wondering what we would do with ourselves today. It was also slightly not so fortuitous, though, because now we're super busy. Ah well, such is life. But anyway, we're enjoying the series a lot and it's a fairly quick translation job. So far, anyway. Now if only we'd gotten started at our regular time... But that's okay, because we've been sick.

Later today, we went with Mom to Michael's. She asked us if we could help take care of the little girls she's been helping take care of, since she has plans tomorrow night. We told her we couldn't, and explained our plans to have organ lessons. I'm pretty sure I also told her that my motivation was that I was sick of organists in sacrament meeting who play too slow, because that explains why she would think to tell me that when we performed in her ward a week ago, someone told her she thought I was playing way too fast.

This immediately set off my insecurity alert, reminding me of my fear yesterday that Sister S remembered our lessons because she heard my playing and wanted to train me in the proper ways. So I asked her who it was who said that, promising that I wouldn't hold it against that person, which I don't. But I do find it interesting that the person who said it is the (step?)mother of one of the organists who drives us crazy by playing too slowly. Athena says she blames society for the whole thing. Anyway, I don't think Sister S objects to the speeds I normally play at (when they tell me the hymns ahead of time, I practice with a metronome, following the tempo provided at the top of the page), but I'm planning to bring the metronome tomorrow just in case. I'm very stubborn in my speed-demon ways, and if the hymnbook itself tells me to play that fast, then darn it, that's how fast I'm going to play!

To be fair, I didn't once pull out the metronome when practicing the particular arrangement of Love At Home that we performed, but in my defense, nobody else practicing with us complained about my speed. On the other hand, we didn't get to practice with a piano right before the meeting, and it's possible that my nerves had me going a little quicker than normal. But Sister S's husband overheard it and he said it sounded great.

Obviously, I am way too insecure about this. Or I just like to ramble.

Today I'm thankful for FedEx still working today, Mom taking us to Michael's and other errand-type places, finally having another box of facial tissue (it's purely our own fault that it took so long, but we're glad the problem is solved), it not being a problem that it took us so long to find that file, and awesome animation videos.
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