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Rainy day

It is very very rainy outside, and I have a kitty on my lap. Unfortunately, we're not entirely confident that it would be a good idea to keep this particular kitty. There wasn't another fight last night, but Oreo's been acting up. It's possible he pulled a muscle or something in their fight yesterday morning, because otherwise, he'd be hissing at me and running away for no reason. He even hissed at me when her highness was locked away!

There's so much stuff going on, it's kind of mind-boggling. But there's not so much stuff going on to actually talk about. One thing I can talk about, though, is that after Relief Society today, Sister S came up to me and scheduled an appointment to go take over the chapel on Tuesday and learn me some organ-playing. That's pretty exciting. I've been having insecurity moments a lot lately, so there were a few minutes when I wondered if she was reminded because of my horrible horrible piano playing during the meeting, but when I mentally reviewed my performance, I thought it went very well, so I'm pretty sure that's not actually the reason.

Oh, right! Something amusing happened in the library today. Sarah's husband came in to talk to us. We learned before Christmas that he had gotten absolutely hooked on Dragonball. So, since Athena had Sarah for the '09 gift rotation, we figured if he could get hooked on Dragonball, he could get hooked on Naruto. So we bought him season one, or part one of season one, or however they're dividing it up. Anyway, it was the first one. The reason he came into the library, then, is that he wanted to know where to find the next part. Bwahahahaha. (We're glad he liked his gift.) If only he would read subtitles.

Next, I was going to talk about something in Relief Society, but then it ended up taking a lot of explanation, and I wasn't sure I was explaining it right, so I decided to just give a link to this week's lesson instead. This is a really big, important principle of what we believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, so if you've ever wondered, "Hey, what do those Mormons believe, anyway?" I would definitely recommend reading it!

Today I'm thankful for organ lesson appointments, not having to walk outside in the pouring rain, finding someone who hasn't yet seen but wants to see the Princess and the Frog so we could make plans for viewing number five, the rainy weather (though we hope it's not preventing any package deliveries--rain here means snow on the road between here and two of the companies we work for), and having been loaned an Ensign magazine for some nice Sunday reading.
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