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Another uneventful Saturday

What to post about today...? Hmmm. Compared to the rest of the week, today has been almost completely uneventful. Not that I feel like this week has been entirely eventful--most of the events were really really short, like, "Hey, will you translate this?" "Yes!!!!" and that was the end of it. We still haven't gotten any books, though, which is kind of strange, like there's some anti-book barrier preventing delivery people from bringing us the manga we need.

...Wow, I didn't realize the "Believe" fireworks music would have such an emotional impact. Hm.

Anyway, there was one event today, in the form of a cat fight. That was pretty short, too. We let Page come out of her night's exile, and she and Oreo stared at each other for a while, we said something about how we like it when they're not fighting, and they parted ways. Then suddenly Oreo jumped from his perch on the cat tree and they were both wailing. Athena and I were both eating cereal at the time, so for the fastest way to stop them, Athena shut the door that was between them, effectively locking Page in the bathroom. Before letting her out, I asked Oreo why he had to attack her, at which point he looked guilty and slunk to his hiding place under the bed. He's a good kitty, but I guess even he has a hard time restraining himself all the time.

Now we're listening to the online radio station that plays Disney Parks music, because on Twitter they said they would be playing fireworks music from around the world, and we wanted to see if "around the world" really meant the entire world. So far, we've had Disneyland and Disney World, so it's not looking very promising. But on the other hand, the Tokyo fireworks only lasted about six minutes when we saw them. They don't make as much of a production of them in Japan.

Right now, they're playing "Wishes," which is really weird for us, because it has the same theme song as the "Remember" fireworks for Disneyland's 50th anniversary. And we're like, "But they can't have the same show in Disney World--only Disneyland is 50 years old!" But then it gets to the part where Julie Andrews does her narration about Disneyland, only instead it's Jiminy Cricket and the Blue Fairy talking about wishes, and they go into Hercules music, which we're sure we would have remembered if it had been in the Disneyland version. It sounds like a pretty cool show, but we're not sure we like the idea of recycling songs like that. We like to think that Disneyland is better than Disney World (it's kind of like a school rivalry thing, but it does probably stem from our long-held annoyance at never having been able to go to Disney World). Regardless of which park is better, Disneyland did have a 50th anniversary, and that's pretty darn special, so we really hope they wrote the song for Disneyland first, and worked it into a non-anniversary type show for Disney World afterwards.

Now I remember! I was going to mention Durarara a little bit. We watched the first episode last night, and it felt a little slow, but that might have had something to do with my being sick. I think it also had a lot to do with a bunch of the "action" consisting of words appearing on a computer monitor. I might as well be reading a book. The premise is intriguing. It makes Ikebukuro seem to be a very very scary place, though. And I was going to say, "It seemed like a bright happy place when we went there," but then I wondered if that would be like... Is it just us, or does it seem like almost every anime fan who's been to Japan comes back and every chance they get is like, "Hey, I was in Japan, and I just want you to know that I was in Japan, and it's so much better there than it is here. And also I know so much more about anime and manga now that I've been there. And also, I've been to Japan."

Anyway, this time I think it just really struck a chord or something because we've actually been to Ikebukuro, and it was neat to see it a place in an anime and think, "Hey! I've been there! ...Or, I think I have. It looks like that area, but it's hard to tell because it's so dark, and we went in the daytime." But we've been to the train station before. And that's where the main character met up with Mamoru Miyano's character, so it's like, "Whoa, Miyano-kun is talking in a place that we actually were!" It's kind of like the same feeling as having autographed paraphernalia. Like, "Whoa, this person that I really admire actually touched this thing!!!" It's just really neat.

Today I'm thankful for a relatively relaxing Saturday, Oreo being happy to see us, having Chex Mix to snack on later, getting to see places we've been in anime, and the Mickey Mouse Club March.

PS: So far still no fireworks from Japan, Paris, or Hong Kong.
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