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Secrets (partially) revealed!

So. We actually had some very interesting news yesterday that we chose not to share because we were feeling petty and secretive. Today, we have realized that keeping secrets can make you want to explode, and if you're going to do it, you might as well do it for much more legitimate reasons (like confidentiality agreements) than for silly things like pettiness. On the other hand, this one isn't technically final yet, so it's like, "I don't know... Is it okay to mention it, or should we wait until we have the books?"

But we can probably definitely say that TokyoPop offered us the continuation of an ongoing series. Not only has it already been announced, but volume one is already printed. We're not sure if it's on sale (because we're too lazy to look it up, and we don't generally pay attention to these things), but it's definitely been printed, and we will be reading the English version of it, since we haven't read any of this series before. If all goes well, we will be starting with volume three.

Of course, this once again begs the question: why don't we ever get to start a series from the beginning? Actually, it's kind of a good thing, because when a series gets announced, we think, "Aww, man! We wanted to translate that one!" because we know that chances are they wouldn't have announced it yet if volume one hadn't been translated. So new title announcements can sometimes be a very sad thing for us. But now! since TokyoPop keeps letting us take over in the middle, there's still hope! Just because we're not translating it yet doesn't mean we won't ever get to!

Our theory as to why this phenomenon is possible comes from a comment made to one translator/blogger, about how she was more interested in getting into the art/creative side of manga, but she was thinking about translating as a means to support herself in the meantime. It suggested an attitude that translating manga is easy enough to be considered a part-time job. Now, to be fair, we frequently only work about part-time hours, so I guess this could be true. But on the other hand, I keep thinking about that one guy with Shojo Berry, who said he knew enough Japanese that he could translate, indicating (in our minds) an attitude that all it takes is an ability to read kana and a dictionary. Anyway, if the part-time job theory is correct, it would explain... well a lot, really.

But it can also be a very cynical and mean-sounding theory, so perhaps we shouldn't get too attached to it without any more solid evidence. Either way, we get a new title, and that's the important thing. Yay!

Today I'm thankful for having trivia games at FHE, Oreo sitting on the cat tree today, the cats not killing each other when we were out taking care of stuff at the apartment office, the brilliant idea of adding chocolate chips to Rice Krispie treats, and finally getting the other check we've been waiting for.
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