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Imaginarily busy day

I was going to start out by saying today has been very busy, but it really hasn't. It just feels like it has because we actually left the apartment. Twice! Three times if you count when we went to the office to put stuff in the mail.

First, we had to take her highness to the vet. We've still been smelling stuff from her ears, but the doctor said they were squeaky clean, so... I guess we'll go with that. We have some antibiotics for her anyway, because in that fight about two weeks ago, Oreo took off one of her hind claws and it hasn't healed yet. (Athena suggests that he only scratched her, and she took off the claw when cleaning it recently, which would explain the small puddle of blood we found in the hall yesterday.) We also need to use shredded paper instead of kitty litter, which is the number one reason we've ever thought about purchasing a paper shredder.

Anyway, speaking of her highness, we're leaning towards naming her Page. You know, because she's mostly white with black ink blots. We like it because it suggests possibilities. But we'll probably still call her "princess" and "your highness." She's currently locked in the other bedroom, because we had to go out again to buy milk, and when we got back, Oreo was finally feeling brave enough to come out of hiding, so we figure we should let him stretch his legs a bit. He's still incredibly wary of her, but there was a miraculous moment earlier today when she went under the bed where he was, and there may have been a couple of hisses, but there wasn't any growling. We're hoping that's a very good sign.

As for this trip to get milk... A brand new Fresh & Easy grocery store just opened within walking distance, so we figured we'd go check it out and see if we can do our regular grocery shopping there. Plus we needed milk. Mom said that there's a Fresh & Easy near Aurora and her husband, and they just looooove it. It seems like a pretty nice place, and it has nice big windows for natural lighting, which is good. And they have store-brand gelato, which I'm not sure if I think is awesome or snooty. So we'll probably go there some more, but they're missing some of the things we eat a lot of, and we're not ready to change our eating habits enough to make them our sole grocery provider. But we did get a neat cotton shopping bag for the next time we go! It was free!

There's another interesting thing about this store, and that's the fact that they have special parking spaces for "adults with children." When we saw it (it's right by the 99 Cents Only Store, so we saw it a long time ago, while they were still getting the store ready to open), we wondered how in the world they plan on monitoring that. I guess they're just going with an honor system, which is probably a good thing.

And in other happy news, we got a shipping confirmation from Play Asia today! So we should get Birth by Sleep soon. But we went with slower shipping because we're still kind of poor right now. That's okay, though, because we're still getting it sooner than expected! Yay!

And does anybody watch both Miracle Train and Fairy Tail? Because Shiodome as Lyon is one of the most hilarious seiyuu matches ever.

Today I'm thankful for grocery stores within walking distance, getting a ride to the vet, strange and wonderful moments with cats contacting each other and not growling, new Kingdom Hearts being on its way, and having a box of chocolate dipped cream puffs.
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