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Special musical number

This morning before church, we forgot to separate the cats before our ride showed up, and as soon as there was a knock at the door, her highness went into hiding. Normally this isn't a problem, because we just lock her up wherever she's hiding, but Oreo had already claimed under the bed, and she didn't want to go to another room, so she hid under the dresser. I guess that wouldn't normally be a problem, except around the dresser is pretty much where the mess is in our room. Eheh. I know, it's like the opposite of efficient. Maybe we'll clean it up sometime. Anyway, we couldn't get her out, so we had no choice but to leave them like that and go to church, praying that they'd both still be alive when we got back.

When we did get back, we were greeted by a rather energetic Oreo. It makes us happy to see Oreo energetic, but now we were really worried, especially because we couldn't find the princess. And I'm worried that we made him feel bad by spending so much time looking for her when, hey, he's right there! We did finally clear some stuff away from the dresser and there she was, very much alive, and not stuck either. At that point she emerged and Oreo retreated to his linen closet.

Right, today was the day we performed "Love at Home" in sacrament meeting for Mom's ward. On Monday, Mom called and said, "Hey, remember how we were signed up to sing in sacrament meeting? That's this week." Then she said she was really busy and, since we were the opposite of busy, she asked us to choose a song based on the theme. We chose the song, and then it became our job to find a pretty arrangement of it. For some reason the idea of looking for "pretty arrangements" of songs is the opposite of fun to us (lots of opposites today), but we did it anyway!

And we found a soprano/alto arrangement, accompanied by piano and flute. The only other arrangement we found required a tenor, a bass, and a violin, so we figured missing one element would be better than three, and we got the arrangement. The piano and flute were in sync for most of the song anyway, so it wasn't that big a deal. Mom had informed me that she would call a certain person who will be known as Roger to accompany us.

I was glad to not have to practice and practice and practice the piano, but still a little irked. See, Roger will often play the organ in our own ward's sacrament meetings, and he plays sooooooo slooowly. That is annoying enough by itself, but then, while he's playing sooooooo sloooowly, he gets bored and adds embellishments. And we're like, "If you're bored, try playing the hymn at the right speed!!" I've brought this up a few times with Sarah around, and she always blows up at us when we do. We think it's because somehow it only comes up when she's already hiding her anger at us about something else. We hadn't had a chance to confront him about it ourselves, and I was like, "Hey, maybe we can bring it up."

So I called Mom to let her know we found an arrangement, but because the sheet music included a flute part, it was ten pages long, which would be interesting to try and play. I was about to suggest taking the music on the computer and editing it so as to only have a piano part, but Mom interrupted me with, "Roger's a musician. He can figure it out." (Athena's asking me if she actually emphasized "musician," and to be honest, I don't remember if she really did, but the way it shows up in my memory, that's how it goes. As long as we're clear on that, Athena says.) And thus I was irked again, but hey, if he can figure it out, less work for me, so whatever.

Friday comes around and we haven't heard anything about getting together to practice or anything, but we had a check to deposit, so we called Mom. While talking to Mom, she said Roger wasn't returning any of their phone calls, and I might end up having to accompany everyone. I said okay, but make sure to let me know, because I'm going to need to practice. To that Mom responds that if I have to play, we'll just sing the song right out of the hymnbook. So what, I'm not good enough to play an arrangement that's different from the hymnbook?

So, my pride all worked up, we edited the fancy arrangement so I could have a piano-only version...

Wow, The World According to Goofy. That brings back (vague) memories.

Sorry. Piano-only version. We cut it down to four manageable pages, and off I went to practice... for twenty minutes until Jeopardy! came on. The arrangement was actually pretty easy except for a few jumps from like, D below middle C to G above it. Or something like that. I don't remember. But the thought hit me that I might want to check the hymnbook to see if there was something we could do with the song that wouldn't be better served with a flute. As it turned out, there's a SSA (two soprano parts and an alto part) arrangement in the hymnbook. As it also turned out, Mom was too sick to join us, and we ended up with exactly three singers. And so we practiced the slightly extra fancy hymnbook version of the song.

But we ended up not practicing enough, and there were some mistakes in the performance. But one of the men from our ward who heard the number said it sounded fine and Athena was judging herself too harshly. So it wasn't perfect, but most likely people enjoyed it. Or at least didn't hate it.

And that's my rant about our special musical number. And since I kept complaining about my pride as a pianist, I would like to point out that the mistakes were not mine. Although I guess I didn't play perfectly. But I did manage to fix my mistakes quickly.

Today I'm thankful for getting candy from the bishop's office, finding both cats alive when we got home from church, getting a ride home even after we told our original ride to go home without us (we had stuff to take care of after church), the very yummy Baked Ruffles we had at lunch, and the good talks we had in sacrament meeting.
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