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Quick post

Wow, today turned out to be longer than expected, and much more draining. Celeste is going through some major problems right now, and we only just found out about it today. It was a little staggering for several reasons.

But instead of dwelling on problems, we needed to rehearse the song we're supposed to be performing in Mom's ward tomorrow. It just so happens there's an SSA arrangement in the regular hymnbook, so fortunately I won't need too much extra practice now that it's been decided I'll be playing. I still want to rant about that, but I also want to get away from the computer.

See, after our first practice, we went out to IHOP, then we hung out at Mom's for a while, walked to the nearby Best Buy to get a CD alarm clock, hung out at Mom's for another little while, and then came home to find Oreo quite rejuvenated after spending a whole night and half a day with her highness locked away, and he's ready to spend time together. Only he might not be anymore, because when we were checking e-mail and things, he started meowing, so Athena went out to see him. Her highness (we're thinking we might really call her Snow White after all, because she makes Oreo so Grumpy) followed, and now Oreo's sulking. Sigh. And he was so friendly when we got back...

Anyway. Today I'm thankful for fancy arrangements of hymns in the regular hymnbook, having a shiny new CD alarm clock, getting to go to IHOP, friendly Oreos, and having more dry food for the little princess.
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