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Argh, I feel so rushed about everything today. Part of it is the cats. Oreo is decidedly Unhappy. So he's hiding under the bed today, which is great! because even if we don't get to pet him, at least we get to spend time in the same room while we're working. But then there's the little princess, who insists on investigating under the bed and leaping at Oreo. At this point it's difficult to tell if she's doing it maliciously or if she just wants to play, but based on his hissing, we're pretty sure that Oreo doesn't want to play.

So we've had to banish her to the Rest of the apartment, which actually shouldn't be so bad, since she has almost the whole apartment, which is a decent size. And in fact, she's been pretty quiet, but sometimes she gets lonely and comes to meow at us. So we go out to spend time with her, but the whole time we're doing that, we're anxious to get back to Oreo (and other stuff at the computer that requires our attention, like our job) and then since we didn't give her a decent amount of attention, I'm anxious to get back to her, and...

Anyway. Now it looks like I have to practice the piano a lot for a reason I don't think I have time to explain. But I guess I do, so I will. Mom agreed to have us and her and Celeste and Sarah sing in her ward on Sunday. Originally, the plan was to get someone else to accompany us, but he's being hard to reach so it falls on me. I have a lot to say about this, but that's something I think I really don't have time for, so I'll save it for later.

For now, we have to edit the sheet music so it fits on few enough pages that I can read them without turning them.

Today I'm thankful for getting a check (not the one we've been waiting for for so long, but it had more in it than we remembered, so still very happy), getting a pin number for the card that still needed one, finishing Gakuen Alice 12 today, remembering that Negima!? neo really isn't as time-consuming as Negima! proper, and having cookie dough to bake tonight.
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