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More thoughts on DN 11

I have to update several times throughout the translation process, because it's more fun that way. Although, for the record, I would like to point out that, had we worked non-stop, this book would have been finished three days ago, which is impressive because we only got it the day before yesterday. Okay, so I shouldn't exaggerate like that. It really could have taken up to six hours (Athena suspects it would have been four and a half).

There seems to be an inordinate amount of ellipses in this volume. Before this, the only time we'd seen so many ellipses was in Ai Yori Aoshi, and Fumizuki-sensei's really cut back since the early days of that series.

Argentine is adorable! At first, since you only see a few frames of him in volume 10, he seems like he'll be a fun villain, or maybe like he's trying to be another Krad (for which we should have had more faith in Sugisaki-sensei. We're sorry!) He seems even more like just a fun villain when he leaves a note and signs it "Best wishes, Argentine" That's the best.

It really seems like he's just a little kid, and doesn't know quite what he's doing. His note is actually a perfect example, because he wouldn't know that it generally sounds sarcastic to put "best wishes" in a situation like that. All he would know is that, when you write a letter, you have to put a proper greeting. So cute!!!!

After reading Lagoon Engine 2, it was hard to think that Miyu Irino was cast as Daisuke for any other reason than that he's in Spirited Away. Because there's strong evidence that Sugisaki-sensei is a big fan. We did have our hopes that it was at least also that he played Sora in Kingdom Hearts, because Sora is like a more assertive Daisuke. The way he jumps around and everything was just so Daisuke-like. And the way he's just so adorable about everything. It was always easy to compare Sora and Riku to Daisuke and Satoshi... although you do have to make some concessions.

And now, we have stronger evidence that Sora really was a big factor in Irino-kun's appointment as Daisuke. There's a scene where they talk about the key to unleashing Dark, and they actually say "the door to Dark," and Athena reads the line and is like, "But Kingdom Hearts is light!" It was very difficult to stay serious while translating that scene after that.

And so we put off the translating of the next chapter (the last one in volume 11) until tomorrow, so that we'll still have more DN Angel to look forward to in the near future. We also got to listen to Radio DN Angel today, which was highly amusing, as usual. And this time, Irino-kun and Ishida-san performed a little excerpt of "Ice and Snow - Dark version." It was awesome. We do think that Irino-kun could have used some tips (perhaps from Ishida-san!) on how to play that type of role.

I think it would be awesome to perform "Ice and Snow - Dark version," or any version, really. Maybe at AX or something. Because really, it wouldn't be much good if people didn't appreciate its origins. Although, if we could do it well enough, we might get complete anime-phobes to show some interest in DN Angel. That would be awesome, too.
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