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Suddenly our schedule is kind of daunting. Not complaining, though--this is a very good thing. And the only reason it's daunting is... Let me just explain.

We started out the day ready to work on Gakuen Alice (very time-consuming), and figuring that if we got two work orders from TokyoPop, they probably want both things very quickly, and the other work order is for Happy Cafe, which also is very densely texted. But we wanted to work on I Hate You♥ between those two, because CMX is very very good about payments, and we want to make sure we have enough money for next month's rent.

Before we got to work, we e-mailed our boss at Del Rey about a missing payment, and soon we had an e-mail with a very nice apology, a promise we'd get the money soon, and a question about how quickly we can translate the next Negima!? neo. So now we need to get Negima!? neo translated really fast, and we want to get I Hate You♥ translated very soon thereafter. So the timing's a little scary. Though we could possibly work on Gakuen Alice after those two things, and then there'd be no problem. Hmm... Of course, we've already started on Gakuen Alice, and we're very momentum-driven. Maybe we'll get an earlier start tomorrow and make a ton of progress.

Anyway, on top of all that, our boss from Yen Press e-mailed about a few things, including more Higurashi, which is also very exciting.

Here we were planning on e-mailing companies about more work, but they've e-mailed us first! Of course, we may need to e-mail companies in the future anyway, but for now at least we should be able to pay the bills for a while, I hope. I'm still pretty concerned, though. We're taking New Cat to the vet on Thursday because there's an infection smell from her ear, and I'm terrified that she'll need surgery. We're still not sure if we're going to keep her, but if she needs surgery we can't just leave it. We're going to pray that she doesn't.

Today I'm thankful for getting a bunch of work, finding out that we didn't refuse UP as a featured title after all (though I guess we could have used the money it cost... still happy about it, though), the Mega Man alphabet, and RS Pres being kind enough to drive us to the vet.
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