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Hey, it's not about cats this time!

Wow, we always always hated the radio, but thanks to Twitter, I think we found a station we like. All Disney all the time. This could be too dangerous to listen to while working. And we can buy the music, too, so if the 45 Years of Magic Parade music comes up, we are totally buying it.

Right, updating late today. At first I was planning to post a fun happy post about how we got to go to Best Buy to use our gift cards, but that didn't work out quite the way we'd hoped. So then I was planning to post a sad angsty post about how I was planning to write a happy post but we didn't get to do what we wanted. It probably wouldn't have been that sad or angsty, but it probably would have been whiny anyway. And then when it got to be about time to post to Live Journal, Oreo came out of hiding and pinned Athena to the couch. So we pulled out the laptop watched Corda instead, and then we went grocery shopping.

And when we got back from grocery shopping, we had not one, but two work orders from TokyoPop! So we're pretty excited about having something productive to do.

In the meantime, yesterday we got the new Gospel Principles manuals for Relief Society, and while we were flipping through them and I thought, "Hey, it looks like these books' pictures are all in color! But I can't tell, because I keep flipping past them." So I determined that I was going to find one of these elusive pictures (they're not that elusive--there's one like every three pages), and lo and behold, the one I found was on the lesson on developing talents. It felt kind of like a "Hey, you were supposed to start working on talent development. *nudge nudge*"

(Ah, Fantasmic! exit music, how I love thee...)

So that's what we planned to do today! And then we ended up wasting time angsting about cat problems. But we were good! and didn't focus on it for too long. We decided that in order to develop our writing skills (which apparently need a lot of work, according to certain translators), we should do more, like, reading and stuff. So we downloaded an e-reader, which came with free eBooks! It's pretty exciting. But instead of reading, we did other stuff like piano and punch-needle. That's about when Oreo pinned Athena.

And that's our uneventful day. Today I'm thankful for Oreo coming out of hiding and spending time with us, getting to go to the grocery store, having new ice cream to try, actually trying this internet radio thing because it's awesome, and having manga to translate.
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