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Today's fast and testimony meeting was pretty awesome, as usual. It started with Brother H bearing his testimony, and he talked about how people tend to separate science and religion. He quoted Henry Eyring... and I don't remember the quote exactly, but it was something like, "If your religion threatens your science, or your science threatens your religion, you need to fix your science, or your religion, or both." This really stood out to me, because I recently had an argument with our Japanese pen pal about science and religion, and that's exactly what I wanted to say to him, only I couldn't figure out how to put it. The argument has ended, but I'm writing this here in case it comes up again, so I can remember it.

Now I think it might be a little boring that all we've updated about lately is our cats, but, well, that's really all that's going on. Except for the video games and anime used to maintain our sanity and kill time, since we have not much else to do. We are still progressing with the knitting lessons, though, and we might start making hats today, which would be very good to have when we start walking to Family Home Evening. They moved it to Thursday nights, and they also moved it to a different building, which is great! because now we can walk there, and we don't have to worry about rides. But it's pretty cold lately, so we will need to dress warm.

Oreo seems to feel most comfortable with a system of him hiding in the closet any time he senses the other cat needs us, which is very sweet of him, but we miss him! We're making sure to spend time with him more, as we had been a little too stressed out (and afraid he might not like us) the first couple of days with New Cat. As for New Cat, we've come up with more ideas of things to name her, but we are so indecisive. Athena thought of Vanilla Bean, because whenever you get the fancy all-natural (or whatever it is) vanilla ice cream, it always has black specks in it... and that makes me really want some. She also suggested Espresso, because she makes everyone all jittery.

But anyway, with her all-black tail, like it's been dipped in ink, and her two black spots that look like dripped ink, we thought maybe something related to ink or writing or composing might be good. Like India (as in India ink, of course) or Symphony or Aria. (As you can see, the "writing" related names aren't our forte... Maybe Jane, as in Jane Austen (whose books we have read exactly none of...) or Jane Porter, who is also a Disney character, and we like that idea.) All very cute, I think, but it's just so hard to decide.

Today I'm thankful for having plans to see The Princess and the Frog on Tuesday, FHE being within walking distance (according to the calendar we proofread, the activity this week is fort building; awesome), the ability to knit warm hats to wear, New Cat settling down and not going to bug Oreo by staring at him anymore (at least for now), and having visiting teachers coming over tonight.
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