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Cats and resolutions (or not)

Apparently Oreo did not come out of yesterday's fight as unscathed as we'd thought. We didn't realize until right before bed last night that his right hind leg must have gotten hurt. He had been walking around and acting like normal all day, as cats tend to do, so we thought he was fine until Athena got a chance to pet him. As soon as she accidentally touched that leg, he started hissing and ran off to hide in the pantry. And New Cat (we still haven't decided on a name) was locked up at the time, so we knew it had nothing to do with her.

And that's why, despite the fact that they had gotten to a point that they could be in the same room without hissing or even staring each other down, we've been keeping them separate ever since. Oreo's been hiding in his closet most of the day, but New Cat's locked up in here so she doesn't go near him. She actually went up to him without making any moves to attack or anything, but he obviously wants to be left alone today. Last night, he was the one trying to approach her in a calm, friendly manner, but she jumped at him, so I guess they're taking turns being good cat/bad cat.

In other news, we've found it kind of interesting how many people have been blogging about their refusal to make "resolutions," but still insisting on making goals for the new year. We never made resolutions for the new year, because we don't like making goals, period. Not that we don't ever make goals, just that we like to say, "Hey, let's do this," and then just do it. When we were little and being taught the New Year's traditions, we never knew what to make resolutions about anyway, because we could never see anything we wanted to work on/towards. It probably wasn't the most productive way to grow up, but at least now we don't associate resolutions with goals that are apparently doomed to inevitable failure.

That being the case, we were thinking of doing an experiment to see if resolutions are, in fact, destined for failure, by actually *gasp!* making one ourselves. Athena has suggested resolving to practice speaking Japanese more. Once a week for like an hour or something. But then we'd have to think of topics to talk about. Man, every time we try speaking to each other in Japanese, it lasts about two minutes before we both clam up from having nothing to talk about. So I guess that leaves us with two options: we can either be firm in our resolve and come up with solutions to the problem we already see occurring, or we can say, "Yeah, that's going to be a problem," and decide we're not resolved enough to make that into a resolution. でも、やはり大好きな声優か漫画家がアニメ・エキスポにいらっしゃったら、ちゃんと日本語でその人と話したいね...ん~。ちなみに、なんでちっちゃい「ん」タイプできないのかな。

And that's pretty much our resolution process in a nutshell. It happens all through the year, too, and not just at the beginning! Anyway, I can at least resolve to try to stop calling things stupid. I've noticed I'm far too quick doing that lately. When I call something stupid, I'll have to correct myself. Maybe I'll take Leia's suggestion of, instead of calling someone stupid, I can be sarcastic and say, "What a wonderful person!"

Today I'm thankful for toffee Fiddle Faddle, the dryer turning out not to be broken after all, another day relatively free of cat drama (now if we can just get Oreo his medicine...), it not raining on us while we were doing our laundry, and only needing six more tickets in the Crunchyroll contest.
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