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Kitty problem-solving(?)

I think I mentioned Oreo's new habit of standing by the front door and meowing loudly at us to let him outside. I admit I made it worse when I actually did twice, but I feel bad keeping him locked up in our boring, lonely apartment all the time. But our monthly apartment newsletter has started pointing out that pets must be on leashes when outside, and cats are pets, too. We don't have a leash for Oreo, so we decided that the next time we made it to PetSmart, we would remedy that problem, and then he could go outside (he doesn't go very far anyway, and he likes to make sure one of us is nearby, so it wouldn't be too restrictive for him).

He developed his longing to go outside after we brought him back from the Pets Hotel last time, so we're not sure if it's just because he's bored and going outside is something new and exciting, or if it's because there were other cats at the hotel and he realized how much he misses having feline company. The latter theory was reinforced by my waking up in the wee hours of the morning to have him meow at me, and then any time he sensed movement from either of us, he would start meowing again. When we were more awake, we noticed the smell of a cat having come to mark his territory, and we figure that's what caused the meowing. We're still not sure if he wants to find the other cat so they can be friends, or if he wants to find it and beat it up, but we resolved to finally call somebody and ask them if they would run all over town with us in search of the perfect cat.

Part of the new resolve came from my telling Oreo that we were thinking about the problem, and realizing that we had been thinking about it for months and it was about time we actually did something. Still, whenever I finally start to think, "Yeah! We're going to get another cat!", then mere moments later, I start to think, "I'm not so sure this is a good idea..." I don't know if that's because maybe it really isn't a good idea (though we're not entirely sure how that could be, but I'm sure we could come up with several potential reasons) or if it's because of our fear of commitment. We've been unable to get another cat for several years now because of various apartment rules and things, so the idea that we really can get one now just doesn't quite compute.

Anyway, we decided to just shop around, and if we find a cat we feel strongly about, then great!, and if not, then we'll get a leash for Oreo and he'll at least be able to go outside. Either way, excitement awaits Oreo tomorrow! (Tomorrow because when I called RS Pres to ask if she'd be willing to take us, she said yes (and acted very excited about us getting a cat--people's tendency to react this way helps us feel better while at the same time making us more nervous), but tomorrow morning would be better for her.) The question is as to whether or not he'll enjoy the excitement.

In the meantime, we've found good ways to be productive, including laundry (which led to more productivity in the form of letting the management know that a washer needs to be fixed), walking to the 99 Cents Only Store to get milk and other snacks (when we discovered that, much as Oreo wants to explore outside, he doesn't want to go anywhere with us when he sees me wearing a fanny pack), and our new job proofreading the ward's monthly newsletter. We also watched the first episode of Sgt. Frog, which, like the manga, we find entertaining as long as it's focusing more on the human characters. But Akira Ishida's character was in the first episode, so it was definitely satisfying, even if all he said was "Heh."

Today I'm thankful for RS Pres being nice enough to drive us all around town (if need be) in search of a cat, having lots of candy bars, getting to be helpfully productive today, the washer being fixed enough to do our laundry, and having more tortillas with which to make tortilla pizzas.
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