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Our lack of any real work lately has us feeling kind of rarful. We've been staving it off, though. Various things have us wondering if we need to take our lives in a different direction anyway, but we're still not sure which different direction that would be. Our Disney obsession has gotten stronger lately, and we've been considering moving closer to Disney bases for a while now, but our hatred of moving and fear of everything has us a little opposed to the idea.

But anyway, we've been filling our free time with other things. A guy at church asked us to translate an interview from waaaaay back when Chrono Trigger first came out in Japan. We're not even entirely sure how it was determined that we would do it, but it probably has a lot to do with our inability to say no when the favor is something we actually feel like we can do. But then he sent us the pages and we were like, "Fan books... How we have not missed them." We did it anyway, and now it's done, so that's good. It wasn't even as bad as a fan book--it just wasn't as nice as manga.

On Sunday, we picked up the knitting needles again and I realized, hey, it's not as hard as I remembered. I think there was something in the timing there that made it important for us not to be into knitting at the time we first started it. So anyway, on Sunday we started knitting again, and last night we put in the Saiyuki musical for background while we practiced. Really, when we realized knitting practice wouldn't be so bad, we thought it would be a good reason to watch the musical again, because we wanted to, but we also remembered it not being very interesting. But Kougaiji is still highly entertaining with his entourage of dancing youkai, and Ni is still sexy and creepy at the same time.

Today we're going to use our knitting book to learn increasing and decreasing, and maybe ribbing, too, and then we'll attempt to make hats. And then we will have something to keep the heat from escaping our heads, and maybe our cold apartment won't seem so cold. Not that we have any right to complain, here in warm central California, but it's not as warm as southern California, where we grew up to be weak against the cold.

Everybody keeps talking about manga on Twitter (that'll happen when you mostly follow manga bloggers), and it's making me realize how long it's been since we've bought manga. If only we'd get that check we're still waiting for, maybe we could make an order... As it is, I feel kind of out of touch with all the stuff we claim to really like. At least we've ordered the new Kingdom Hearts game.

Okay, I'm going to stop whining now. Today I'm thankful for excuses to watch the Saiyuki musical, knitting not being as hard as I remembered, Sarah's Christmas present finally getting here, non-stale fruit snacks, and getting to watch the finale of Miracle Train (we're hoping for another season!).
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