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As we were eating fruit snacks and I was thinking about the thing I was going to post about today, we got a phone call from Dad, asking if we'd gotten the Christmas presents he and his wife sent out (he had meant to ask when we talked on Christmas but forgot). It was very important that we get that package, because it also had the Christmas presents to Celeste and her husband and Sarah and her husband. In fact, Mom was even strangely persistent in asking us if we'd gotten Sarah's, since Aurora and her husband had already gotten theirs and why hadn't Sarah gotten hers? Well, we still don't know why, because Dad says the package got sent out like on the fifteenth.

Anyway, since we hadn't gotten the package yet, Dad wanted us to go find out if maybe they'd delivered it to the apartment office without telling us, as has happened way too many times. Sheesh. It was very important, so we got all bundled up and prepared to face the freezing (not really freezing) temperatures outside. And as I put my hand on the door to go out, there was a knock. It was the mail delivery woman, with the very package in question! What timing!

We figured we might as well open our present so we could be sufficiently grateful when I called to let Dad know we got it. We knew it was something photo-y, since we had been charged with obtaining the appropriate photos to be used. And since we have sentimentality deficiency issues when it comes to family (sad but true), we weren't really looking forward to whatever was inside. We tore the wrapping off of a very nice picture frame, then removed the protective cardboard, expecting to see one of the photos of us we had sent to Dad, and in fact we did--specifically the one of us kissing Mickey Mouse. But it wasn't in the center of the frame, it was on the mat. And in the center of the frame was oh my goodness an autographed photograph of Walt Disney! What!? (I don't think it's possible to type that in the right intonation, so I'll just have to hope you guys can figure it out.) Wow!! Thanks Dad and Debbie!!

I still have to wonder where she got an autographed photo of Walt Disney. That's like, whoa.

So anyway, on to the other thing I was going to talk about. Some of you may remember a couple of months back when we were talking about entering the Kuroda Han Press Translation Prize contest thingie. On Christmas Eve--yup, Christmas Eve--we got our results back. We scored 108 points out of 150, ranking us sixth place out of twenty-nine contestants. Not too shabby, I think.

Our intent in entering the contest was to find out just how much our prose translations suck. Since we had problems with Kieli, we knew they weren't great, and we wanted to know exactly where we stood. We expected to be somewhere in the middle, and we actually did rank higher than we originally thought. On the other hand, though, after we got fired off of Kieli, and especially after a certain jerky blogger singled us out as terrible translators, we were kind of hoping to get a high enough score to say, "In your face!"

108/150 is 72%, so we got about a low C. That's not too far from a D. But then again, if the average score was less than 108, we definitely got above average (we don't know what the average score was). So I guess it just reaffirms what we already know--we're not the best at translating prose. But man, it would have been a nice confidence boost to score higher. Oh well, we'll just have to work harder at it. Or stick to manga. Y'know, assuming they don't replace us with free fan drones (<--pessimism).

Today I'm thankful for seriously? an autographed picture of Walt Disney?, funly timed package deliveries, getting the results for that contest, not scoring last, and having some places we could hang that photo (first we want to see if they're in danger of UV damage from the sun, but it's overcast today).
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