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Christmas lessons

Not unsurprisingly, today in church we had lessons about the reason for the season. See, the "put the Christ back in Christmas" thing might have turned into stupidity now, but it started out as an attempt to get people to think more about the religious aspects of Christmas and not the whole Santa Claus and presents aspects so much. Anyway, our speaker in sacrament meeting read the story of the Nativity from Luke 2, which made us realize that if someone were to ask why we celebrate Christmas, that chapter wouldn't really provide a sufficient answer. It tells what we celebrate, but not why it's so important that that particular baby was born. And that once again goes to show that without Easter, Christmas wouldn't really mean a whole lot. Easter's the best. Anyway, he also used How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Mr. Krueger's Christmas, and it turned out to be a very nice talk.

In Relief Society, our lesson was on charity. And when I went to the web page to find the link to the talk it was based on, we found this video, which is really nice.

Anyway, this is the talk. And the lesson was basically on giving to the Lord (you know, like a Christmas present) by giving to others. After the lesson, the RS president remembered the quote, "The fastest way to put a smile on your own face is to put a smile on someone else's."

We ended Relief Society early so we could have a "linger longer," where we once again discovered our terrible mingling skills. The point is to socialize and get to know people, but we always end up sitting down somewhere and not really trying to interact. But this time!, ...well, actually we did say hi to some people we don't always talk to, which was nice. And! while we were standing by the stage, half of one of the membership services couples in our ward, we'll call him Brother S, came up and started talking to us.

My finger is still bandaged so that my paper cut doesn't open up, and he had noticed that when I sat down to play the prelude music to Relief Society. So he started talking about our history with the piano. Actually, we answered the question several times in the last few days--Alethea plays the piano, but Athena does not. The reason for this is simply that when I started learning the piano, then Celeste started learning the piano, and then Aurora started learning the piano, and Athena was like, "Pfft, everyone's learning piano. That's unoriginal and boring."

But most importantly, it got brought up that I wanted to learn to play the organ. It drives me crazy when the organ music goes soooooo slooooow in sacrament meeting, and if I can play, then I have every right to complain about it. Now Brother S's other half happens to be the woman in the stake who, from what we've heard, apparently taught everyone else in the stake who knows how to play the organ how to play. So he called her over and we made arrangements for me to learn how to play the organ. I'm excited! But also nervous, because now that I've been talking so big, if I really suck, then... well, that would suck. But that's okay, because all it means is that more practice will be required.

Today I'm thankful for neat videos at the LDS homepage, plans to learn how to play the organ, Oreo swallowing his medicine and keeping it down this morning (I wonder if he's more resistant because we're back to the cherry flavor...), the maple topping on those muffins at the linger longer, and finding "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" on YouTube.
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