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Merry Christmas!! (a day late)

I'm having a hard time typing right now because of the clumsy bandage job I did on my right index finger, having just received a paper cut and not having any band-aids. Paper cuts gross me out. But anyway.

Christmas was fun. At first it was dumb, but mostly because of our own spoiled attitudes. Mom took us to her place at about eleven-thirty, where we waited for everyone else to show up so we could open presents and all that stuff. Of course, everyone else had other families that they had Christmas festivities with first, so they were showing off some of the things they'd already gotten. So we started pouting because we hadn't gotten any presents yet, and here we were waiting and waiting and waiting and nobody was paying us any attention and we were bored and selfish and annoyed. Eventually we got over it and the last of the late-comers arrived, so it was time to open gifts. We each got a gift-card to Best Buy (we intend to buy a CD alarm clock!!), I got two books of sheet music from Sarah (we have two gift assignments, and she ended up having me twice), and Athena got two IOU's. The second one also came with peanut butter cookies (each topped with a mini Reese's peanut butter cup) and something Celeste's mother-in-law introduced her to: Pringle bark. It's white chocolate with peanuts and crushed Pringles inside, and it's really good except that Athena's not really a white chocolate person (neither am I, but this is her chocolate).

We got Scott a Snuggie, because he said he wanted one. We were really worried, though, because the only one they had left when we bought it was zebra print, so we were prepared with a gift receipt and an offer to let him get whatever fleece he likes from Hancock Fabrics so we could make him a new one. Fortunately, the zebra print was exactly the one he wanted! Everyone else we got gifts for seemed pretty happy, too, except maybe for Sarah, but the main thing we got her is something we ordered online, and, like many other things, we're still waiting to get it.

There were games and talking and stuff, but not a big dinner because everyone but us and Celeste and hubby had a cruise to go to (they left early this morning), and Steve didn't want to have leftovers. We played Loaded Questions, a game to see how well everybody knows everybody else, which may not have been the nicest of ideas, since Steve's sister was visiting, and she had only just met half of us, but she was pretty confident that she knew us all really well. I think that's a game that can only be rigged if everyone playing is trying to rig it, but rigging it on your own...

Anyway. This morning we were kind of bummed about not having much new and exciting to play with. We only had enough money to buy ourselves one video game, and that one's not coming out until January 9th. Yup. Still waiting for everything. But we decided to get over ourselves, since we mostly wanted to play Dissidia anyway and a new game would just take time and get in the way. And then we had a pretty nice day, except for Oreo meowing at us for something we don't understand, and also not keeping his medicine down. He's taken to sniffing around outside, and he'll sometimes meow at me like he's trying to tell me or ask me something. Our best guess is that he's looking for the cat that occasionally marks our front door as its territory. But maybe he just likes to explore. Sometimes I really wish I knew Cat.

Today I'm thankful for new sheet music, opening up new missions in Dissidia, finally getting a Chaos report, Scott liking the zebra Snuggie, and Best Buy gift cards.
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