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Merry Christmas Eve!!

Today we got a beautiful Christmas card from lyschan in the mail! Thanks, lys!!

I feel like I had something else to say before going back to our Disneyland chronicling, but I can't remember what it was. Maybe Merry Christmas!! I think I was going to say that tomorrow.

Anyway, I better finish this now or it may never happen. Disneyland. Day two. We started out with breakfast at the River Belle Terrace again, and then the two of us and Leia went off to meet pixies while Han went off to find something to spend his Birthday Fun Card(tm) on. After waiting in line for what they told us would be about forty minutes (the line wasn't long, but the characters are all very nice and give you their undivided attention), it was into Pixie Hollow, where they were celebrating their Fall Revelry. And by "celebrating," I mean doing what they always do: talk to guests and pose for pictures. Only now the decorations matched the second movie more.

The first pixie we talked to was Iridessa, who, incidentally, did not have a sunflower seed on her costume. If the seed had been there, I was planning to ask her if it had any sentimental value, or some other significance that meant it looked stuck on her dress instead of being, like, a pendant or something. But she didn't, which is just as well. Instead, I took out the camera while Leia went to pose for the picture.

Iridessa immediately said, "Let me guess your talent!" And since Leia was wearing a green similar to Tinker Bell's, she guessed that Leia was a tinker, and then asked for some help with this thing she and Rosetta were trying to work out. They wanted to make rainbows with flowers in them, but the flowers just wouldn't stick to the rainbows. And they couldn't ask Tink for help, because she was really mad at them for filling her house up with saltwater taffy. I'm sure she was feeding us the answer, but I still said, "Could you use the taffy to stick the flowers to the rainbows?" And she said she'd talk to Rosetta about it. Anyway, she was very cute, and I took the idea from the Halloween photographers to just keep snapping pictures while she was talking, and some of the expressions on her face are adorable. So I have a new-found appreciation for Iridessa.

Then it was off to meet Tink. Iridessa had asked us to say hi for her, so we did, and then Tinker Bell just pulled us all in for pictures. She was also very cute. I tried to give her bunny ears, but she stood too far away from me for it to work with the angle the camera was at. Boo. But! as we left, she told us to say hi to Peter for her if we ran into him, which made us very happy. It's almost like they read our last Pixie Hollow report or something.

We left Pixie Hollow and headed to the Princess Fantasy Faire, where the line was over an hour long. They couldn't tell us whom we'd meet, either, since they're on shifts and it would probably be different by the time we got there anyway. Leia's favorite is Sleeping Beauty, and there was no sign of her around, so we decided to go meet up with Han in Tomorrowland. It was around then that Donald finally made it into the park with two new Disneyland annual passholders, whom I will refer to as Joe and Panchito. Then, after a quick ride on Autopia, it was off to California Adventure.

At DCA, everybody else wanted to go on the big roller coaster, California Screamin', so we told them we'd go play some of the midway games along the pier. We had been seeing kids walking around with the most adorable plushes of Timothy from Dumbo, and it didn't take long for us to learn that they were getting them from the Dumbo-themed midway game. In fact, this particular game is much like the one we played when the CA State Fair was at Disneyland lo these many years past, where you squirt water at the target to make something go up a ladder. In this case, the something was a clown dressed as a fireman, rescuing baby Dumbo from a burning building.

We waited while a family played the game, and then, since we had some extra points on our midway point card from last time (it also happened to be Dumbo-themed), we swiped it twice so we could play. We were pretty happy with the timing, because we were sure the two of us would get to play alone, and therefore not have to steal the toy from any little kid who might happen upon the game as well. But right as we were about to get started! a kid sat down next to us. Boo. We... didn't let that stop us, and I won the Timothy plush anyway. That's right, I stole the Timothy plush from an innocent little kid. On the other hand, his dad was carrying a big Bullseye plush from the Toy Story-themed game, so I didn't feel too bad. But I still feel a little bad.

One day we might get our group together and pay for enough people to win the Dumbo plush to go with Timothy.

Our group met up with us again in line to the Toy Story ride, and then split up again, with the Three Caballeros going off... to do something... and the two of us, Han, and Leia heading back to Disneyland for some shopping and maybe one last ride on Space Mountain. But first, we stopped for some food. While we ate, Han and Leia thanked us for coming to Disneyland with them, which seemed kind of strange, because we always feel like we're leeching off of everybody else, hitching a ride down south and all that.

We did our shopping and then realized it was too early to use our fast passes for Space Mountain. But we were all so exhausted we decided to give up and head over to Gaston's place for dinner and birthday cake (Gaston has a Southern California pass, which was blocked out on Saturday). Dinner was something that I don't know how to spell, but I suspect it was German. It was hamburger and cabbage wrapped up in sweet bread like a Hot Pocket, only the bread was much tastier than your average Hot Pocket. When Gaston was telling us about them the day before, we said we weren't sure about cabbage, but we'd be willing to try the things... until we found out that they also had onions. Onions are the enemy.

And so when preparing the thingies, Gaston minced the onions up reeeeally tiny and caramelized the crap out of them, just to make it so we wouldn't be able to taste them. I think that was really nice of him, and shows just how much he wants people to at least try something. And indeed, we did not taste any onions. He also made little baby ones for us. They really tasted good, and we each managed to finish one (little baby one), but our pickiness is deep and psychological, so we weren't able to bring ourselves to eat any more. Baby steps.

The cake was also delicious, and Han ended up giving us all the leftovers that he took home (he got most of the leftovers, because it was his birthday, of course). He had eaten too much, and so was not too keen on more cake. And then it was time for the looooong ride home. We got to listen to the soundtrack to One Man's Dream, the show we saw at Tokyo Disneyland, and as we were listening to the villains' song ("Into the Fire"), we passed a plant of some sort with all kinds of smoke or steam or something coming out of it. Han commented that between that and the music, he really got the feeling the dragon from Fantasmic! would pop out. I said that would be awesome as long as it didn't hurt us, and he concurred.

Just before we got dropped off, the Aladdin soundtrack was at its climax, and Leia wouldn't let Han give it back to us until the music was over. That made us happy, because now we feel less like we're imposing our music on people when we ask to listen to Disney soundtracks. Han always asks us what we want to listen to, but that doesn't mean he likes it. But if Leia likes it, he's outnumbered anyway.

And thus concludes another report of another fantastic trip to Disneyland. Now we're waiting to see if we have any Christmas Eve plans with family. Right now it's yes, but things have been so crazy this week that there's no telling what could happen.

Today I'm thankful for getting more Christmas cards, our adorable (and slightly ill-gotten) Timothy plush, friends who have the skill and are kind enough to make sure we really can't taste the onion-ness of the onions, still having some toffee peanuts to snack on later, and getting all our presents wrapped.
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