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Happening stuff

There's currently a thread on the Honyaku Mailing List about flair vs. precision in translating that is making us very happy.

In other news, I'm taking a break from the Disneyland report in light of the fact that Stuff Happened today. It all started last night when we realized, "Hey, it's like three days to Christmas, and we've done like no shopping for presents." We had tried calling Sarah on Monday to see if she'd take us, but that day was dedicated to cleaning her apartment, and we didn't think to ask if she could take us the next day. So instead, we called Leia, because we could also offer to take her to see The Princess and the Frog, which she hadn't seen yet, and we had only seen twice. (Incidentally, the animator with whom we made the promise to see the movie five times was the lead animator on Louis, the alligator.)

(Pause for a moment while I try to remember the other thing I was thinking I might need an LJ cut for. Oh yeah, we watched the second Tinker Bell movie last night. More on that when I get to cutting stuff.)

So anyway, we called Leia. She really is so awesome to us, and we need to do something for her. It got brought up on the way home from Disneyland that we were out of food (we bought emergency rations at the park, so we've been fine, but we were cutting it close today), so when she came by, she asked if we'd managed to go grocery shopping yet. We hadn't, because Mom's super busy all week. We weren't going to ask her (partly because we're insecure grocery shopping with people), but now that she was offering we figured it's better to have food.

Han couldn't join us for the movie, because he had work stuff to do, but Leia enjoyed it immensely. Even on the third viewing, there's still stuff to notice. Athena noticed for the first time that when they show the city right as they start up the song "Down in New Orleans," there's a woman at a balcony airing out a rug that looks exactly like Aladdin's magic carpet. We'll have to watch for it again the next time we see it.

I think the main observation I have is that this movie really has too much ending. We're used to Disney movies where they defeat the villain, they have the big triumph scene, and bam! end. In this one, they defeat the villain, Charlotte almost kisses Naveen, Tiana confesses her love, Ray dies, Ray has a loooong funeral, they get married and turn human again, and then they have another wedding, and then, finally there's the end. See? Way too much ending. But still a good movie. It was all necessary, after all. Except maybe the stuff with Ray, but we've already discussed that.

It was great talking to Leia about it afterward, though, because I was like, "There was a point in the movie where I hated Naveen the first time we saw it," and without missing a beat, she was like, "Well he's a scumbag!"

We liked this one better than the first one, because they'd already built the world, so if there were any mistakes they were mostly already there. But there was the question of Terence's job. It was like, "Wait, was he the dust keeper? Or just a dust keeper? Because in the first one, he seemed like the only one, so where did all these other guys come from?" Anyway, the movie was adorable.

Athena says, "Aww, but McCartney's so cute in his playing of characters that have to cease to exist." I came up with a good, fantastically dramatic way for Disney to make these movies consistent with Peter Pan. It'll be awesome. All of Pixie Hollow dies tragically, except for Tink, who is miraculously saved. Or she's the one who caused it. Based on how things have been going for her, probably both. So anyway, everybody dies, and Tink is just completely overcome with grief. She goes to the mainland, hoping to see some fairies who were maybe helping with the seasons or something there, and that's where she finds little baby Peter Pan, who has been lost. She takes him with her to Neverland, and becomes obsessed with him, and... okay, there can be a few remaining pixies, because somebody has to comment that she's like a mother to Peter (Athena suggests the mermaids--excellent idea)... anyway, the mermaids comment that she's like a mother to Peter, and that makes her feel old, so she turns into his crazy girlfriend instead.


Anyway. One of the best parts about this movie was actually the outtakes. They were fantastic, and I'm going to spoil one now, because it just made us feel so happy. Fawn, Iridessa, and Rosetta are all standing in a line in the big scene at the end, and Rosetta leans over and whispers something to Iridessa, who says, "Oh!" looks down, and flicks that horrible sunflower seed off her dress. "How long has that been there?" Aaah, we love it. The different fairies talking to the owl was also awesome.

Today I'm thankful for having a good friend like Leia who makes sure we have food, having food (so excited to have cereal for breakfast tomorrow), finding good (we hope) Christmas presents for people, that wonderful outtake in the second Tinker Bell movie, and those Reese's Select thingies.
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