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Another day at Disneyland

Just got back from the vet with Oreo and he's doing very well. There was even talk of taking him off of his medication... in about two months, but still!

Random thing for the day: we suddenly have Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. We went to the Disney Movie Club to decline it as the featured title one day, and the thing where you click to respond to the featured title had disappeared, so we thought maybe we already had. Then they charged us for a movie, and we thought for sure it was UP, since we knew we hadn't declined that one yet, but it came today and was Tinker Bell. Strange. We were kind of planning to get it anyway (since we already have the first one), but we were thinking of getting it on DVD because it's cheaper that way and it would match our other one. And now we have it on Blu-ray. Ah well. At least now we can be better informed for when we finally get our chance to discuss Tink and Peter Pan's relationship with Terence at Disneyland.

Speaking of Disneyland, our trip was really fun, as always. Han picked us up at about four on Thursday (which was so weird, because it was, like, on time) and we dropped Oreo off at the Pets Hotel, then went to Target to pick up some travel supplies (Smart Water, Vitamin Water, toffee covered nuts (cashews for Han, peanuts for us)). We then went to get the other people in our party (Donald and Leia, who was taking a test while we were shopping and waiting for Donald to pack) and off we went! Leia and Donald spent a good deal of the ride down to Anaheim talking about the latest book in the Wheel of Time series, while the three of us who hadn't read them waited for various opportunities to chime in with randomness.

We got to Anaheim and checked in to our fancy hotel--the Hyatt Regency, which we got for only $50 a night, thanks to Price Line Negotiator (you have to sing it like they do in the commercial; thanks, William Shatner!), and then it was late and we wanted to be in the park about when it opened, so off to bed we went.

The hotel had a free shuttle to the park, which of course was very crowded first thing in the morning (the shuttle, not the park). We gave up our seats to some families with small children, so we were standing for the whole ride, which I only bring up because first the shuttle stopped at another hotel to pick up more guests, and then the driver said, "That was our last stop, and now we're on our way to Disney World. ...But I don't think you want to be standing for 56 hours straight, so we'll go to Disneyland instead."

It was Han's birthday trip, so he got to call most of the shots, and he wanted to go to California Adventure first thing, but DCA always opens after Disneyland, so we went to have breakfast at the River Belle Terrace, where I had a Mickey Mouse pancake, and we all (except Leia, who didn't have pancakes (but ate some of Han's)) managed to almost empty out the little syrup container despite it having been full when we sat down.

...I'm getting a little too detail-oriented. I'll skip the Haunted Mansion (where Han guessed correctly that those metal things outside the entrance were boot scrapers) and Pirates of the Caribbean (where we met Gaston, who returned Athena's hat, which had been left in his car back in September) and move on to the Jungle Cruise, because I always like to write down the more unusual jokes. This time, our tour guide told us that the Bengal tiger can jump over twenty-five thousand feet. From an airplane. ...Only once, though. He also commented that the elephants really do have good memories, because they always remember to show up when he's there--and they're in almost exactly the same places. As we passed by Schweitzer Falls, he said, "We're coming up on the famous Schweitzer Falls. ...We'll go over the falls later."

Then we got to the African bull elephant, which he guaranteed us were so rare we'd only see one of on the entire trip. The second African bull elephant was a polar bear. The hippo part was the same (the tour guide says the hippos are very dangerous, but only when they're wiggling their ears and blowing bubbles, which of course they're now doing, so s/he takes a gun (with blanks) and fires into the air to scare them off), but I want to tell about the one tour guide Han and Gaston keep telling us about. She was only able to tell this joke because it was her last day there, but it was hilarious (though also very wrong). She pointed out the hippos and said they were so close to extinction there were only seven of them left in the whole world. Then she went, "...five, six, seven, eight..." BLAM! "Seven left in the whole world."

Incidentally, there was a time when the tour guides weren't allowed to use guns at all, so that part tended to be really boring, except when we had a tour guide who did something like the one we had once who said, "If you listen carefully, you can hear them calling out to each other... ... ... ... HEY MA!!"

I think we headed to California Adventure after that. Did we do anything interesting in California Adventure? Right. We went on Grizzly River Run, but when we were in line, we passed by the traffic control guy (telling the stand-by line to wait while the fast pass line goes on ahead and such), who gave us a quest! He handed us a card thingie with a little loopy cord thing and told us to give it to one of the guys at the front. We were pretty excited, because when that kind of thing happens, you either launch an exciting quest to save the world, or you get a really cool item (because you're already on a quest to save the world). We didn't get anything though. But the ride was fun. We got Just Wet Enough.

On Toy Story, we were pretty happy to finally unlock some of the secret high-scoring thingies, but our hand-eye coordination is bad enough that it didn't do us much good. But I did get my highest score ever (which was not very high, but also not entirely low, so it's all good).

We went to the Animation Building, where we got Part 2 of our Quest! The guy at front handed us a card with the time written on it, and when we came out, we were to hand it to whoever was stationed out there so they could find out how long people tend to spend inside. Unfortunately, we only had time for Turtle Talk with Crush before we had to rush off to catch Tiana's Showboat Jubilee. I really wish we could have spent longer in there for that, because that's one of my favorite buildings of all time. Turtle Talk with Crush wasn't even that fun. There was an amusing bit when a theatre geek asked him what his favorite musical was. He was like, "What's a musical?" so they explained and then he asked if there were any about, like, the ocean or something he could relate to, so the girl said that they recently made one of The Little Mermaid, and he was like, "I thought mermaids were, like, a myth. Like, manatees or something. My friend Sebastian keeps telling me about them..." I think he said something about not believing him, but then he described him as a little red Rastafarian dude with a short temper, and that amused me greatly.

So anyway, we went to see Tiana's Showboat Jubilee, which was pretty fun. They start out with a parade down New Orleans Square, singing "Dreams Come True in New Orleans," then the parade gets on the Mark Twain (the Rivers of America steamboat), which comes to the center area to "Going Down the Bayou," and then they put on a show, where they sing all the other Princess and the Frog songs, with a little bit of dialogue to tie everything together. But they don't give away anything from the movie except for the songs (which were edited a little to give fewer spoilers). They even had Dr. Facilier show up and sing his song, even to the point with, "You're changing, you're changing," etc. whatever, at which point he leaves. Naveen is still human, and he just kind of shrugs it off with like a, "What a quack!" and Tiana and Louis come back to sing "Dig a Little Deeper."

We were a little worried at first, because Louis wasn't playing a trumpet--he was just dancing--and Louis seems surgically attached to that instrument, so that would have been completely out of character. But they did give him a trumpet, so it all worked out. They also had guests on the showboat helping with the show, and we were so jealous of them. But at least we got to watch the show. If we were in the show, we wouldn't have gotten to see Naveen nearly as much.

I think that's enough for now. More reporting tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for it waiting to rain until after we walked home with our pizza, having tortillas to make into small pizzas, our home teacher being kind enough to drive us to the vet today, getting Athena's hat back, and yummy chili burgers at the Taste Pilots' Grill in California Adventure.
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