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We've been back for almost a day now, but too tired to write much. Well, sort of. Part of the lack of updating comes from hanging out in the living room with the kitty. We felt so bad abandoning him for two and a half days. When we went to pick him up this morning, he refused to leave his kitty cottage. We're not sure if that's because he was mad at us or if it's because he had such a good time he didn't want to leave. There were at least two other kitties at the hotel with him, so maybe he enjoyed the feline company.

We felt even worse when we brought him home, then turned right around and left him again to go to church. But church was pretty awesome, as always, so of course there are no regrets. Now he's been following us everywhere, except the not entirely rare times he would race to the kitchen to see if we would give him some yummy food. And he tends to sit on Athena's lap, thus immobilizing her, because he is big and we are not only weak but tired. And also saps.

Anyway, I think I'll start the official trip report tomorrow, because even though it's the same old Disneyland, there's always something new and exciting to report about. But not today, because we're tired.

Today I'm thankful for having a great time at Disneyland, having Oreo safely back from the Pets Hotel, having a new Christmas DVD to watch (Mickey's Christmas Carol was on sale at Disneyland; we might have just been like, "We already have Muppet's Christmas Carol," but we like Mickey's version too, and, more importantly, this DVD has "The Small One" on it, too), having lots of toffee peanuts (though apparently now they're called "butter crunch peanuts" for some reason; they taste exactly the same as toffee ones though), and Han giving us the leftover birthday cake.
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