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Heading out

Now is the nervous time right before a trip when we wonder, "Do we have everything!?" I think we're good.

Last night we got to go to IHOP and try the gingerbread pancakes. It was pretty exciting. The pancakes were good, but we realized once again that too much gingerbread without anything else is not usually a good idea. Next time: more whipped cream. Or chocolate syrup. That could be awesome.

Anyway, while we were sitting in the living room earlier today, there was a loud knock at the door. Our apartment is not generally a very loud place, so it took me off guard and I shrieked a little. We think that probably has something to do with the person outside the door shouting, "UPS!" To let us know that he wasn't a creepy stalker or whoever we were afraid of.

But I actually knew it was the UPS guy! Because DC Comics sent us a tracking number a week ago and when we tracked the number, we learned our package was scheduled to be delivered today. I was especially happy that the UPS guy showed up before we left for Disneyland, because we look forward to our DC gift every year and it would have been sad to miss the delivery.

We couldn't wait until Christmas to open them, so instead, we waited until we were both done brushing our hair (which is what we were doing when the UPS guy arrived). This year, they sent us each a handmade Moleskine notebook. They have leather covers with the DC logo on them (of course), and the pages are blank, so we can write down or draw whatever inspiration may hit us with.

Seriously, it's like whoever picks out the DC gifts every year is totally in tune with our brains, because this is only a couple of weeks after we decided we need to develop our talents and try to be more creative. And notebooks, especially notebooks with blank pages, are really good for that. We can use them for whatever we want! And after that Comic Con panel where Glen Keane (Glen Keane!!!) asked to make sure that everyone had their sketchbooks on them (and we didn't, because we don't really consider ourselves "artists" in the drawing sense (we hope to someday be producers)), it'll be nice to have a book on hand like that. We're super excited to take them with us to Disneyland and... probably leave them in the hotel room because we don't want to get them dirty or lose them or anything. Maybe one of the guys will bring a backpack we can carry them around in. My fanny pack is just too small. But we can definitely use them during the drive and in the hotel and stuff!

We're not so good at writing down ideas and stuff yet, but we have to start somewhere, right? And this is the perfect gift to get us started! Thanks, DC!

Today I'm thankful for two more awesome gifts from DC, the UPS guy arriving with them before we left, having tried gingerbread pancakes, Anaheim being warmer than Fresno, and getting to go to Disneyland soon!!
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