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No money yet, but we're still optimistic. Han just called and suggested a few options that would require less money on our part (including staying with Gaston, which of course was Gaston's idea; it's nice to feel wanted). We actually kind of suspected we wouldn't get any money today for a couple of reasons. First, we had more than enough Rice Krispies for breakfast this morning. It's kind of amazing, because yesterday we thought he had less than we did this morning. And things like that don't happen unless you need them to.

The other reason is that the ward Christmas dinner is tonight, which means more free food, and we'll probably get to take home leftovers. It was kind of funny this morning, because we were like, "I'm not sure if we'll get any money today. We're getting free food tonight." I don't know, maybe it's only funny to us.

Anyway, the lack of money today doesn't have us any more stressed out than usual (I mean usual for the last couple of weeks), which is actually only a little stressed out, because we're good at distracting ourselves. The only effects of no money that present themselves regularly are the inability to buy food and the potential inability to go to Disneyland, and we just don't think about those too much. I don't know if it's because we're so picky that there isn't much food that we like or what, but we never really did spend much time thinking about food. In many cases, we'll stop eating at a meal not because we're full, but because we're bored and ready to move on.

On the other hand, we do prefer to have some kind of very sweet thing to eat on a semi-daily basis. We've really been feeling the lack of chocolate. Of course that might be that chocolate can help reduce stress, which we've had a little extra of lately. Anyway, that's what brought about our experiment of last night. We're running low on milk so we needed to make sure we had enough for cereal this morning, but we desperately wanted chocolate. So! we took the Hershey's hot chocolate recipe off the side of the container, only we doubled everything you put in before the milk (cocoa, sugar, and water, with a dash of salt) and added just one cup off milk (checking again, the recipe calls for four). And we put it in the refrigerator to cool over night. (Inability to drink hot drinks is just another factor that adds to our disinterest in food.)

And so for snack time this afternoon, we had what pretty much amounts to liquid chocolate bars. Soooooooo good.

That plus our lack of motivation to improve on the pizza recipe (or, y'know, try to do something not from scratch) is what helped me realize why in Japan they tend to differentiate between ryouri (cooking) and okashi-zukuri (making desserts).

On a completely different happy note, today we got Christmas cards! One from phoenix_melody (thank you!! we love the sparkles!), one from DC Comics, and one from CMX (which was just like the one from DC only with different signatures, but felt nicer because we recognized the names). On Thursday, we got an e-mail with a tracking number from DC headquarters in New York, too, so we're pretty excited to get that!

On the other hand, I'm a little sad we haven't been able to do anything Christmas-y for anyone else. Boo. Oh well, I'm sure we'll work something out.

Today I'm thankful for getting happy Christmas cards, evidence that people want us at Disneyland, liquid chocolate bars, not running out of food (or opportunities for free food, in some cases) before our money comes, and getting to work on Happy Cafe today.
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