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Duh duh-duh DUH!!! (<--fanfare)

Okay, so I think I figured out why we didn't get to see The Princess and the Frog those two other chances that were available before it hit regular theaters. We just have too high standards for Disney movies. Not that our standards are higher than they should be, but higher than they can be to come home and not be listing all the things that need fixing.

Let me start out by saying it was a very good movie. It was very good, and in the end, we enjoyed it immensely.

Oh right. Because of matinee prices, we were able to just barely get in, and thanks to a phone call from the girl I tried to visit teach last night (but failed because she has a giant house with a giant yard and a locked gate, and no one noticed me and my companion to come let us in, and when we tried calling her to let her know we were there she wasn't picking up her phone and neither of us had the house phone number), we managed to get a ride and we saw the movie and it was amazing.

Only not as amazing as we think it should have been. And here I am supposed to be telling everyone to go see it to support hand-drawn animation. But go see it, seriously! Just because we're nit-picky doesn't mean it's a bad movie. Prince Naveen alone I think is reason enough to see it. He's a very good character, and even dynamic! Wow! (Not that I think that dynamics are rare in Disney characters, just that dynamics are good in characters in general.) And! he looks like a mix between Prince Eric and Hercules, who are two of our favoritest Disney heroes!

Dr. Facilier was played by Keith David, who also played Goliath in Gargoyles, and it was amazing, because his Dr. Facilier (aka Shadow Man, which is really a pretty cool villain name, I think, but could also be kind of cheesy depending on how it's done, but I think they did it well here) voice is nothing like Goliath. And every time we've heard Keith David in anything, including the one live action thing we've seen him in (War Games with Matthew Broderick), he sounds exactly like Goliath. It even took me a while to confirm, because I saw his name in the cast list, and I was like, "I bet he plays the voodoo doctor guy," but then he was talking and I was like, "I don't know, it doesn't sound like him..." but it was totally him. And it was funny because Goliath has this voice you think of as being deep because he's a gargoyle and stuff, but when Dr. Facilier sings, he's totally not even a bass.

Anyway, I think I'll stop talking because I don't want to do an LJ cut, and if I say anything else, I'll probably need one. It was a good movie, and we're really glad we saw it, and now we're even more determined to find our way into Disney. And Athena wants a Frog Naveen plushie.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see The Princess and the Frog, our friend calling last night so we could get a ride, our friend being kind enough to drive us, the service project being held close enough to walk to, and getting to hear unusual voices from familiar voice actors.
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