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Waaaaah! (<--babylike crying)

The Princess and the Frog comes out tomorrow! and we don't have any money! Waaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

It's not like we were careless and happened to run out of money at a bad time, either. We just happened to have two different companies miss an invoice and so we've been waiting and waiting for money that hasn't been coming, in the meantime using credit and borrowing and stuff to do things like pay rent and buy food. And I wouldn't be whining about it because we finally got things sorted out and both companies have told us with certainty that we can expect the money soon, but (and you may recall) The Princess and the Frog comes out tomorrow!!! Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!

On the bright side, Mom says she'll take us to see it (hopefully again) on Saturday, and if we don't have any money by then she might be kind enough pay for it (especially because she would be taking the little set of twins, and she wouldn't want to be outnumbered), so we should for sure get to see it then. We were hoping to see the earliest showing of it they have here, but it's looking like we'll have to wait until at least after we get the mail tomorrow.

And now I'm worried because every time I've mentioned a limited time menu at a restaurant here on LJ, the menu went away before we had a chance to get any, and I'm like, "Oh no! What if saying I want to see The Princess and the Frog on LJ will curse us into not being able to see it!?" I don't think the universe works like that, but sometimes it's hard not to be paranoid.

I'm just so frustrated about this, because we've had two opportunities to see the movie already--first was the D23 Expo and second was the early opening at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank--but we didn't have money for either of those, either. And now we might not even get to see it on regular opening day! I was going to say, "I guess this is what we get for..." but I'm not sure what we'd get it for. Maybe for being brats about it.

See, we went to a ward activity and we were talking to one of the bishopric's wives and another girl in the ward, and The Princess and the Frog got brought up, and we were all like, "Yay, hand-drawn animation! We like it so much better than 3-D CGI!" and so of course we said, "So we're all going to see The Princess and the Frog to support hand-drawn animation!!" And the one girl was like, "Uh... I might see it when it gets to the $3 theater!" And we were all like, "WHAT!? That won't support the cause at all!! You HAVE to see it in regular theaters!!" "But I don't have any money!" "You mean to tell us you can't save up a mere $10 in the three months before the movie comes out!?" (This was about three months ago.) She did not seem confident in that ability, so we were like, "Fine! We will pay you ten dollars to go see the movie in regular theaters!"

And we're still planning to do that (assuming we can), but we were completely angrified about the whole thing. Of course, our personalities never really meshed with hers to begin with, so our not-getting-along-ness probably doesn't come from only that, so hopefully that's not why we're not getting to see the movie first thing tomorrow.

But anyway, the other thing we learned from that experience is that we probably will take it as a personal offense if anyone tells us (honestly) that they refuse to see the movie in theaters. On the other hand, phoenix_melody just said on her LJ that she's going to see it tomorrow, and we're like, "Hey, that's not fair!", which is stupid of us, because not only is it perfectly fair, it's exactly what we need everybody to do to support hand-drawn animation and get more movies out there. So yes! Go see it! Even first thing in the morning! ...but please if it's not too much to ask, please don't talk about it much? Until after we've seen it. Or at least use an LJ-cut, but you were going to do that anyway, I'm sure.

As for the not seeing it thing, this movie is getting rave reviews, and apparently is on or near the top of more than one must-see movie list, so why wouldn't you want to see it? Assuming you could. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for "love happenings" in Happy Cafe, having more chocolate peanut butter Chex Mix (had to go to the 99 Cents Only Store, and we did have a few dollars to... matinee pricing! we might be able to see it early after all!), matinee pricing, being able to get some food for Oreo ('swhy we were at the 99 Cents Only Store), and it not being too freezing when we were out walking.
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