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We just found out the video of the webinar with the infamous statement by the founder of TokyoPop is up, but we don't have the patience to watch it right now. I feel like we should watch it, but... maybe later.

My fingers are so cold and stiff it's been really hard to type all day, which is a little sad, because I spent so much of today typing. But that's good because typing eventually leads to paychecks. And of course we love our job. But anyway, when we checked the weather this morning (by which I mean about nine-thirty, pretty late), it was actually below freezing! What!? That's crazy talk! And yet it's true. Our one consolation was that it "felt like" 39 degrees. Only the actual consolation is that we were inside with our heater and didn't have to deal with any of that nonsense anyway.

Speaking of being warm and inside, Oreo was snug under the blankets earlier until it was time for his dinner, at which point Athena video-recorded him emerging from under the blankets. The video is adorable, but you'll have to take our word for it, because I'm too cold to deal with figuring out how to get our computer to take videos from our camera.

Speaking of kitties, today, for lack of any other snacks, we finished off the ice cream we've had for months. (The expiration date is for this coming May, though, so I don't know if that's a cause for relief or concern.) It was really really hard, though, because we got that flavor of ice cream partly because the main ice cream is vanilla, and we wanted to have some ice cream to share it with Mimsy. But then we found out about her tongue, so we tried to save it until she got better. After we found out it was cancer, we made sure to offer her some, but she wasn't interested. Anyway, it was hard to consider eating it after that, but we figured it would be better to eat it than to throw it away. And we were desperately craving sweetness and that was all we had. Unless we wanted to eat pure sugar, which actually doesn't sound so bad.

Anyway. Last night we watched the new Disney Christmas Special, Prep & Landing. It was a really awesome concept, but we had a hard time with some important story elements. And I was thinking about going into it, but then I realized the biggest problem is also the biggest spoiler, so I guess I won't because I don't want to bother making an LJ cut.

Today I'm thankful for getting to finish off that ice cream, having an adorable video of Oreo coming out from under the blankets, being inside with a working heater in this unusually (for the area) cold weather, getting to work on Happy Cafe, and finally knowing what happened to our missing paycheck.
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