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Toys for Tots and up

We may or may not be leaving in half an hour to help some sisters from the Relief Society buy some gifts for Toys for Tots. Apparently the need is so great this year that they're not only accepting gifts for tots--they need gifts for teens, too. So our RS has a budget and we're off to get some gifts for kids in need! Or we are if we can get a ride. When we said we could go if we could get a ride, the presidency all said, "Sure!" and so we'll just see what happens. The only problem is we're getting presents for teenage boys, and as girls, it might be a little hard to figure out what they would like.

...And that was the RS president calling to let us know she's on her way! Awesome! But I'm still nervous about choosing good presents. Oh well, we won't be alone in the endeavor. So I guess I'm cutting this entry short.

Today I'm thankful for opportunities to help people, people who are willing to help us help people, confirmations that we will get paid for that last Negima! soon, lap-sitting kitties, and having our sink fixed and draining again.
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