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Happy birthday, Walt Disney! I probably wouldn't have thought to mention it if we weren't following three official Disney Twitter feeds, but we are, so I did! I think we're going to celebrate by watching Peter Pan. It would be awesome if we could celebrate by watching our Snow White Blu-ray Disc, but we don't have it yet, because we haven't been paid. Come to think of it, our list of "things we're going to buy when we get paid" has gotten pretty long. So long, in fact, that I think some things might have to go. Sad. Snow White Blu-ray Disc, however, is not one of those things.

Anyway, we watched the Dreams Come True special about Disney animation last night, and it was pretty awesome. We're pretty sure the idea was to get people more interested in the Princess and the Frog (of course), but more importantly, hand-drawn animation. They had a ton of celebrities come on and talk about their memories of Disney movies and what they like about them and stuff. It looked like they were trying to appeal to all demographics, too, saying, "Look, all these people like it! You can like it, too!"

But what was really fascinating was when they talked to Dick Van Dyke. He talked about things like how he saw Steamboat Willie on its first run, and how one time (much more recently) he was out walking his dog and he sat down on a park bench to rest, and this little girl saw him and carefully sat next to him, then starting rocking from side to side as she sang "Let's Go Fly a Kite," and the two of them sang the whole song together! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!! Also, I'm super jealous of that little girl.

Whoopi Goldberg was fun to listen to, too. She told about when she took her granddaughter to see The Lion King when it first came out, and as she's watching the movie, the little girl turns to her and says, "You're not very nice in this movie, Granny!" While on the other hand, they were sitting next to James Earl Jones, with whom she really wanted to make friends. According to Ms. Goldberg, the little girl wouldn't say two words to Jeremy Irons♥ (I'm wondering if I should explain who all these actors played in The Lion King... Oh, just go watch the movie. You'll find out.)

Of course the special had a lot of information on The Princess and the Frog, so we're a little annoyed that we know so much of the story already, but we're sure it will be fantastic anyway.

The special revealed that Tiana isn't dreaming of being a princess (this doesn't make her unique as a Disney princess, incidentally--Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Pocahontas, Mulan and Cinderella didn't dream of being princesses either, but that's another rant), she's a hard worker who wants to open her own restaurant. Now, it may be a side effect of having recently finished the Fruits Basket fanbook, but a "princess" who everyone expects to want to just go find her prince but actually just wants to open someplace to sell food? Sounds a lot like Saki Hanajima's Cinderella to us. And here's the other thing--both of them (though in different aspects) are black. Coincidence?

And! the character they described as the "fairy godmother"... she looked nothing like Yuki, but! she's crazy, and has a seeing eye snake. And where did Saki's dress actually come from? Ayame. Verrrrrry interesting. We can't wait to see the movie and find out what other connections we can find! (But we don't want any spoilers! We're going to see the movie!)

There were actually a couple of downsides (other than the spoilers) to watching the special though, including missing the Muppet Christmas special on another channel (but Celeste DVRed it for us!). But most importantly, it drove us crazy. It also happened to describe our problem exactly when someone was talking about Aladdin. He wants to go to the castle and get a better life and just be awesome and stuff, but there's very little he can do about it, while meanwhile, the palace continues to stare him in the face, which is something that he can easily change but doesn't. It's all like us and Disney. We want to go to Disney and work there and be part of the magic and stuff, but we're not entirely sure how to do that (though we're not doing nothing!), and in the meantime, we keep staring at all these Disney movies that only make the longing worse. I wonder if Twitter will help anything...

Today I'm thankful for Mom and Steve loaning us rent money (still waiting on paychecks... sigh...), interesting parallels between The Princess and the Frog and Fruits Basket, Celeste recording that Muppet special for us (now hopefully she doesn't accidentally delete it before we get to her house to see it), getting to watch that Disney special, and Oreo being okay so far on just one dose of medicine a day.
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