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We just heard last night that the CEO of TokyoPop is considering using fan translators on their previously hiatused titles, and that thought has been distracting us all day. Fortunately, Bancho-sama is strong against distractions. Anyway, it's looking like there's really not enough information to tell if this will be a good thing or a bad thing in the long run, and depending on how it's done, it could in fact be a very good thing all around, but since I have something else I want to talk about (which may be less interesting to most people, but oh well), for now I'm just going to say that we would be very very very sad if we didn't get to continue the work on Nosatsu Junkie or Elemental Gelade.

Now, as for that other thing I wanted to talk about. Last night, we had a DDR night at Mom's place! We came up with the idea a loooooong time ago, and we kept bringing it up and everyone else was like, "Oh, that's a good idea!" but it never actually happened until last night. It was kind of a shock, actually, like, "Whoa, really?"

The dangerous thing about it, though, is that, since the two of us and Celeste and her husband were all going to be at Mom's place around dinner time, they decided to get pizza. And since some of us can eat a lot of pizza, and Little Caesar's sells them for only $5, they decided to buy six of them. That's a lot of pizza. It didn't sound like that much, really, but it was. It probably didn't help that the little kids at Mom's place (she's been helping her neighbor across the street since his wife died and he works night shifts) weren't available to eat as much as we'd planned for them to eat. One of the little twins took a couple of bites of pizza and decided she was done. Mom ordered her to finish it, and she got this look on her face like, "She'll never catch me!" and went to throw the pizza away. Then she got a cinnamon roll. It's kind of amusing and exasperating at the same time.

And then there was leftover cake for dessert, and lots of water because pepperoni makes you thirsty, and so when it came time to actually play Dance Dance Revolution, I was stuffed. Being stuffed is kind of a rare occurrence for us, and having to move a lot afterwords is even rarer, so it was kind of an interesting experience.

The game was the same as always: awesome. But there was one time right before we selected a song when Mom's cat came along. She likes to rub up against people's legs, something that can be accomplished most easily if those people are standing, so the DDR players got the most attention. When she came up to me, she pushed a button on the dance pad that brought up a strange options screen, which we tried to get out of quickly, because the cat was still on the dance pads. We managed to get out with most of the options intact, but somehow the cat made it so that my arrows were going down instead of up. That was a pretty crazy experience. I still managed to do really well though, and I think on a couple of songs I actually did better than usual, so maybe I should play that way more often... Hmmm...

We let the little boy play a couple of rounds, and it was cute because he obviously hasn't learned that it's okay to wait sometimes. After his first song, he had gotten only about fifty-five points (average scores, if I remember correctly, are about in the hundreds of thousands), and he turned around and said, "I think I'm really good at this!" Oh, that brings back memories of playing video games as small children. When we first played Tetris, we'd get all the blocks to the top of the screen and the game would end, so we were like, "I don't know what that means. I guess it means I won!" Mom straightened us out when she got home from work that night.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our Bancho-sama translation, getting to have a DDR night, having leftover pizza to take home, having Chex Mix to eat tonight, and kitties "helping" with gameplay.
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