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Attention artist type peoples!

Does anybody remember way back in our Comic Con report when I mentioned running into the guy from Golden Age Stories? Actually, we were supposed to mention something about some writing contest thingie they have... We should have remembered that. Anyway. He gave us a book under the condition we e-mail him to let us know what we thought of it, so I finally got around to e-mailing him back and now the Golden Age Stories people are looking into creating a graphic novel series, so he wants to know if we know anybody who'd be willing to submit an art portfolio. I figured we might as well ask, since we know some artist types.

I am looking for any ones who is extremely busy for a project of 92 comic books/10 graphic novels, about a 3 year pjct.

We are a publishing house with 26 staff trying to break into the graphic novels field.

What I am looking for is some portfolios so we could decide on style.

I do have good name writers lined up. I am just looking for a dozen or so illustrators

and while I realize that this is a long shot, we might just find the right "new talent".

Let us know if you're interested so we can work things out. For a few more details, here's their website.

In other news... there's not a whole lot of other news. Oreo seems to be doing fine. He's spending a lot of time in the linen closet, but I don't think it's any more time than usual. And then when we're done working, he'll come be excited about dinner time, and after Athena feeds him, he'll come hang out wherever we are.

This morning there was a knock on the door, and I was hoping it would be somebody with money for us (not entirely an unreasonable hope--we're expecting a few paychecks). Instead, it was somebody from PG&E, asking if we got the... I think it was "care"? discount on our bill. He said it in a way that sounded like we should be. We weren't, so now we're signed up for it, so in effect, he did give us money! Wow! Although we're not sure if we should be getting the discount, since, according to our tithing records, we might be just barely in the wrong tax bracket, but right now we kind of do need it. I think if we start making more money we'll call and cancel it early (it lasts for two years).

Later today, we went to the 7-11, but there were fire trucks and police cars outside! ...But nothing seemed to be going on at all. We think it was a car accident and people were assessing damage and getting information and all that stuff in the parking lot. But that's good, because it was kind of scary walking to the 7-11 and seeing the flashing lights and wondering what was going on.

Today I'm thankful for utilities discounts, getting exercise, king size Reesesticks, not finding ourselves in the middle of a stickup, and Oreo keeping his medicine down this morning.
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