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Today has been kind of stressful, but fortunately the stress has been counteracted with the working on of My Darling! Miss Bancho. Yuuji makes everything better.

We've been having a bit of trouble with Oreo.

It all started... like on Thursday night or something, when Oreo decided he had had it with his medicine. We gave it to him, and he hacked it up. He was supposed to be on one dose a day, but we decided to only wait twelve hours, since he obviously didn't get any medicine this time. And when we tried again... he hacked it up again. So I called the doctor to see what to do. She lamented Oreo doing bad things to his health and reluctantly suggested lowering his dose to once every two days. I think I already mentioned this.

So we gave him more on Saturday morning and he was kind enough to keep it down this time, and then we weren't going to give him any more until Monday morning (today). But by then, it had actually been two and a half days since his last dose, so we weren't entirely surprised when he started vomiting on Saturday night. At first we thought, "Well, he got medicine this morning, and the weather's been acting up (something that seems to make him nauseous), so we'll just keep an eye on him." The second time he vomited, we decided not to wait until Monday, and give him some before church. By the third time, we figured it was time to give him some medicine NOW. So we gave him half a dose, then gave him a full dose Sunday morning, fully intending to give him another full dose this morning.

We did actually get him his medicine this morning, but a couple of hours early, because we woke up to more vomiting. Sigh. So we figured it was time to give him more than .9mls a day, but I thought it would be a good idea to check with the veterinarian to see if maybe we had caused some kind of disorder that needed more than a higher dose of the medicine he's already on.

I hate calling the vet, because I feel like the vets don't always listen.

So before I called I simplified my question to the best of my ability, but I don't think I succeeded because I have a strong need to Explain Things. All I wanted to know was "Oreo's vomiting. Should we just give him more medicine or is there something else we need to do?" The doctor asked for more details, and I explained everything to him, because the reason I've been switching gender pronouns for the vet is that there are actually two of them working at that location now, and the "she" is the one who has been working with Oreo most since he got back from the hospital.

He suggested raising the dosage to .9mls twice a day for three days, and if Oreo was still doing fine, drop it back to .9mls once a day. I tried to explain that we had already done that--we had him on .9 twice a day, then dropped it to once a day, and now we're having problems. I guess I wasn't clear enough that I thought his suggestion would just create a cycle of twice day to once a day to twice a day. But he made sure to remind me that, while having Oreo on this medicine for too long can do damage, Oreo might have cancer and we need to keep him comfortable. Not comforting. We do understand that he might have cancer, but we also understand that he might not have cancer, and if that's the case, we don't want to accidentally kill him.

So that had me really miffed all day, except when I was distracted by Bancho-sama. But now that we're thinking about it calmly, it's possible that he thought we just needed to give Oreo .9mls twice a day until he stabilized, and then drop it to once a day after he stops hacking up all the medicine. I still think we'll probably lower the dosage more gradually, though, unless some smart person who knows more about steroid medicine than we do comments and tells us, "NO DON'T DO IT!!"

So anyway, Oreo spent a good long while sleeping in the linen closet, and now he's here in the bedroom with us being all cute and stuff. Man I wish cats could talk sometimes.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Bancho-sama, the amazing Cinderella extras we got to watch last night, getting to eat chocolate peanut butter Chex Mix last night, Oreo looking very comfortable right now, and getting to borrow a book about temples from the bishop.
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