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Thrills! Suspense! Danger!

Today has been a day of adventure and brain-hurtiness. The brain-hurtiness actually wasn't a big thing, just the most recent. There was an article about stuff and a guy arguing with the article using points that either made no sense, were completely irrelevant, or both. And it hurt our brains.

But anyway. I think some of you may have noticed, but we're kind of super obsessed with Disney. I think I've mentioned this, too, but we've been feeding the obsession by watching Backstage Disney extras. Then there's been all this stuff about us not having much to do work-wise, and thinking maybe we're just cruising along right now and maybe we should try to, like, get somewhere. So on Saturday we went to the Walt Disney Animation Studio website. And for the heck of it, we checked their job openings. And lo and behold, there was a listing for "production assistant." The job description seemed like something we could maybe handle, and experience was preferred but not required.

So we freaked out like we always do. Production assistant seems like a good way to get our foot in the door to maybe, like I mentioned a while ago, being Don Hahn's apprentices or something like that. But on the other hand, we love translating and what if we didn't have time for it any more if we happened to get hired? And we'd have to move, and moving sucks, and we know very few people in Burbank, and excuses excuses excuses. When we realized that last part, we figured we might as well at least apply. We were watching more Bambi extras last night, and they kept saying the name Faline way different than in the movie...

Time out. They did this really cool thing where they found a bunch of notes from the story meetings with Walt Disney and a bunch of other people involved in production, and they put them all together and had actors read the parts while they played the movie in the background. Like an audio commentary... from the past! Wow! (They even had Patrick Stewart introduce the whole thing and call it a "time machine," and to perpetuate the illusion they refused to give us credits on who voiced which person.) It was really neat, but they kept saying "FAY-leen" instead of "fah-LEEN," which was only especially frustrating because the movie dialogue (which they kept telling us in all the other extras is very sparse) would say, right there, "fah-LEEN" and then their actors, the very next second, would say "FAY-leen," and it was kind of really aggravating. But who knows? Maybe some of the old veterans who actually worked on the movie, who also got interviewed in the other extras, were all saying "FAY-leen," and maybe that's actually correct. I don't see how someone can be more correct about a movie than the movie itself though.

So anyway, we were like, "Maybe we could at least get in there to a position where we can say, 'Hey, why don't we check on that name pronunciation for you?' Or, 'Hey, why don't we just go take a quick look at some Pinocchio art and see if Jiminy Cricket really has that nose you keep drawing there?'"

Still, it was really scary, but we figured we might as well take the leap of faith and trust that everything would work out in the end. So! I filled out a profile for the WDAS careers site and bam! We went to the "apply for a job" link and the production assistant position was nowhere to be seen. Not surprising, since it had been posted back at the end of September. But now they have our resumes and profiles, so maybe something could happen like, "Hmm... The new Ghibli film's gonna need a translation soon..."

And then we went and did various other computer things, which included taking a perilous journey to the wilds of Facebook. That place is actually pretty scary in and of itself.

And now we're updating Live Journal. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for being done with the scary stuff (at least for today), having survived Facebook, getting to watch some FullMetal Alchemist, neat Bambi time machine commentary thingies, and yet another new Castle being on tonight.
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