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More pictures!

Church was really good today. The bishopric all spoke in sacrament meeting about tithing. Tithing is one thing we have a really strong testimony of. It's to the point that whenever we hear about friends having financial problems, we'll think, "Oh man, if only they could pay tithing. Then their problems would be solved!" Not that paying tithing means you'll never have financial concerns, but it sure helps things to work out.

Also we had a new teacher in Relief Society. She was really fun. She was like, "Some of us are like, 'If I were in Joseph Smith's time, I would be so faithful. I would give up my house and move out west and everything. I have the faith to do that. But now you want me to wear only one pair of earrings? What is that about? And how long do you want my skirt to be?'" It was an enjoyable lesson.

And now for something completely different.

Starting with the photos I attempted to take at the Cartoon Voices panel.

Bill Farmer:
Voice of Goofy and a bunch of other characters that don't matter. Dude, he's Goofy!

And Space Mountain guy:
Sadly, I don't remember there being any voices on the Halloween Space Mountain thing. But he should be back now.

There's no I in teamwork, but there is...
Photobucket Ewok!

Time for an herbology lesson!
(We were standing beside her in line for like half an hour before we realized who she was cosplaying. Sad.)

Blast from the past! Wow!

We took this picture for our friend Gaston, but thinking about it now, if I were our friend Gaston, this picture would not make me happy.

I remember taking this picture because the storm troopers were doing something interesting, but now we can't for the life of us remember what that interesting something was.

This was taken in an attempt to illustrate how humongous the San Diego convention center is. Also because it looks pretty neat.

And finally, some lovely artwork, provided by the volunteer art team of Los Angeles.

(At least, that's what our train conductor said as we pulled into Union Station. I was so amused I had to get a picture.)

And that concludes our San Diego Comic Con picture gallery. Yup, definitely fewer pictures than we took at Anime Expo. Next time on the Twins' photo gallery: Halloween at Disneyland! Or actually, I took pictures of an indoor miniature golf course and there are pictures of the Fresno Fair, so I could post those first if anyone's interested, but you have to comment now!

Today I'm thankful for fun new Relief Society teachers, getting to sign up for a fun service project that involves wrapping Christmas presents, finally getting all our Comic Con photos posted, having chocolate peanut butter Chex Mix to snack on, and it being cool enough to keep chocolate-covered pretzels in the apartment.
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