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It's not the end--it's a new beginning

So I like to be overly dramatic sometimes.

I'm happy that Andrew and Leslie were both on While You Were Out today. Lately, they'd been having only one carpenter, and it's just so much less fun that way.

I'm happy that someone invented air conditioning, even if it can get expensive to use.

I'm happy that Athena knows how to make peanut-butter squares. She made some today, only without the topping because it was using spare ingredients from past peanut-butter square ventures, and you always use the whole bag of the chocolate and butterscotch chips. But they're good even without it.

I'm happy that Kinokuniya will deliver books to your home, because...

I'm happy that DN Angel 11 is sitting on the piano bench right now!

That's right. After more than a year, we finally get the continuation of DN Angel. Volume 10 came out on February 17th, 2004, and now, only a week after it came out, we finally have volume 11 in our possession. We would have gotten it yesterday, but for some reason, sometimes the UPS guy just takes stuff to the office without letting us know we had anything. That's why we're also thankful for package tracking. It's just as well that we got it today, though, because all of the previous DN Angel books came out on the 17th.

So it may not have been the best of ideas to buy manga knowing full well that, with our current finances, we may not have enough money for October rent, but for DN Angel, we would go without food for as long as it takes. I really can't tell if DN Angel or Saiyuki is our favorite series, but that might just be because it's been so long since we've gotten new DN Angel. It's really a shame the English version of the manga isn't as good.

But now that we're about ready to turn in this translation, tomorrow we can start on DN Angel. And that means that DN Angel mode is likely to overshadow Saiyuki mode, and thus the weeks of listening to Saiyuki music will come to an end.

Until our next Saiyuki mode.

And in the meantime, we will fully enjoy DN Angel mode.
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