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Stake conference

We meant to update earlier, but we kept getting distracted by a kitty. That's okay though, because we love him.

This weekend has been stake conference, and I think it was a little harder to sit through than usual, possibly because of poor sleeping habits. There was a talk about scripture study that was really good, but we were resistant to it because it was very pro-annotation, and we've hated annotating books for a long time. It has nothing to do with fear of writing in books and everything to do with laziness, so I guess we should get over ourselves. Or if we were rich, we could maybe implement the workaround we came up with by getting some form of digital scriptures.

This morning there was a talk about how sharing the gospel should come naturally, just like how, for example, when we see a movie that makes us really happy, we're excited to go tell everyone to go see it. The speaker told a story about when he was traveling on business, and he made it a goal to have one of those things we keep hearing about in the Church--a gospel discussion with his neighbor on the plane. (I finally remembered that joke I kept wanting to quote! Married people are like vampires and Mormons--they all want to make you one of them.) So he was all determined to talk to whoever sat next to him about the church, and then the lady who sat beside him turned out to be the one to break the ice, and Salt Lake City got brought up, which let him bring up Temple Square, which led to talking about the church, and then she mentioned the Book of Mormon, and he said he practically shouted, "Would you like your own copy!?" She said she would, and it all went very well, so when he took his limo to the hotel, he figured he was on a roll and he'd try it again.

So he broke the ice this time and asked the limo driver how long he'd been driving limos. They talked and the driver said his name was Lucky. The guy said he was glad to have a lucky driver in Philadelphia, and Lucky went on to explain how he got his name. Growing up in Philadelphia, he was surrounded by gangs, and as a young man, he ended up getting involved in them. By the time he was seventeen, he had been shot once and stabbed twice. At one point he had been left for dead--they were all sure he couldn't recover. But he did, and he managed to change his life, find a wonderful wife, get a job that he loves and have a beautiful daughter. "Do you want to know what made the difference?" he asked. Of course the guy said yes, and he said, "One day, I was at my parents house, and we were approached by two elders from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." XD

On the way home from church, we were talking with our ride and the other girl she was driving, and it got brought up that the girl sitting in front of us during the meeting was playing GameBoy. We all agreed that church is definitely one place where the video games should be left at home, but our ride mentioned that she thought it would be kind of neat if they made video games based on the scriptures to help kids be interested in them. We actually did rent a Nintendo game based on the Bible way back in the day... But it could be cool. For example, the story of Ammon in the Book of Mormon is a good action-packed story. But it would be even cooler if, instead of focusing on the arm-chopping, it focused more on him being King Lamoni's servant, and you get points for doing your job right. Like, not an action game, but a game with action in it. ...I think it would be cool, anyway.

Today I'm thankful for our awesome-smelling wild cherry blossom shampoo, Banri Hidaka giving us a more detailed cast list for the Berry Berry CD drama than the one listed at Marine (Akira Ishida as Kousaka-san! Eeee!), getting to sleep in tomorrow, Skippy peanut butter, and Akira Ishida in another Hidaka-based CD drama (that puts him in all of them except VB Rose!).
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