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Today was the day we realized just how many different ways we could have translated something so simple as "uso da yo." (Four, for the curious. Actually probably more than that, but we only had to try four before we found something that looked like it might be a match.) The fanbook (dun dun DUN) is as challenging as ever. It's looking like Shigure is our winner for "guy with the hardest scenes to find." So far, anyway.

We were working on the Hatsuharu pages when our power blinked out. Maybe it's because of being trained professionals! that we didn't panic. We just said, "That really, really sucks," and hoped for the best when we turned our computer back on. We had about half a page to redo, which isn't nearly as bad as it could have been. Also, we're relieved that the power came back quickly, but on the other hand, if it was only going to blink out for a few seconds, why go out at all? It's almost like it was just to torment us! Only not, probably, since I don't think there's anyone out there with a grudge against us who knows where to turn our power off for a few seconds. But yes, definitely counting our blessings that the damage was very minimal.

In other news, we got another percent in Final Fantasy X-2 yesterday! Yay! Now we're up to 96! Woohoo!

Right, this month is our stake's Temple Impact Month. That's the month when we encourage all the members of our stake to go to the temple to remember how awesome it is. Members like us who only have limited-use recommends are encouraged to do family history work. But family history software and all that stuff is still confusing to us, so instead we're indexing names again. It's a little hard though, because the last time we were indexing names was when Mimsy was dying. But we're trying to overcome our traumatic experiences, like Kisa! Well, sort of like Kisa. Her stuff that she was overcoming was kind of a lot different. But you get the idea. Maybe.

And oh yeah, thanks for all your responses to our experiment proposal thingie! This will probably be fun! Now we just need to find something to use as a source text. We're thinking Hana to Yume, because then we have plenty of text and can use fewer pages (we want to stick with two to four, I think). But on the other hand, we have some Asuka magazines and some manga anthologies that we don't think have been published in English (we know Arcana hasn't)... Oh, and there's that thing that Yukiru Sugisaki did that somebody else did the script for that we haven't even looked at... Decisions, decisions...

Today I'm thankful for getting another percent in X-2! (it's important to celebrate the minor victories), volunteers, only having to redo about half a page of translation after the power outage, Mom being kind enough to pick up some dry cat food for Oreo for us (still no money, so it's just as well that we can't go to the pet store), and finding the long-lost chocolate and peanut butter Chex Mix at the 99 Cents Only Store. Only problem is, there was so much of it I fear it might go the way of pizza Pringles... But then we might still be able to find it in Japan. I don't remember seeing Chex Mix in Japan, but that doesn't mean it wasn't there.
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