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Kitties and fanbooks and animator blogs

Oreo is so cute. It used to be that we would grab him to give him his medicine, then give him about half of it, let him go, and grab him again after making sure he's done gagging so we can give him the rest. Now that we've halved his dosage, we only have to grab him once, but after we let him go he's still very wary. And then he seems a little confused when we don't come after him again.

We're back on the fanbook (dun dun DUN) today. We got a whole almost ten pages done! It's that darn adventure game. Lots and lots of text. I think there was an average of 65 items per page. Normal manga averages about... twelve? Fifteen? Twenty for something like Gakuen Alice or Happy Cafe. But it was a fun adventure game at least.

I wish I had something enormously clever and/or witty to type about today, but alas, I do not. And I feel too rushed to try to think of anything. Maybe I'll just link to Will Finn's blog instead. He has a really cool entry on the importance of drawing from life, as opposed to drawing from imagination. Finding the blog was kind of a coincidence.

See, since Comic Con, and since we've been watching Disney stuff and thinking, "Why aren't they doing it better? It's not like they can't," we've been really interested in Don Hahn, who produced such amazing films as Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Emperor's New Groove. We kind of thought it would be neat if we could ask him to let us be his apprentices. So I decided (after a reminder from Han) that if we really wanted to do that, it wouldn't be impossible to find him via the internet, and I did a Google search where I found his web page. Well, we're easily distracted, and while I was checking to see if there was an e-mail address or something, I found the link to Will Finn's blog. The name stood out for two reasons: One, he worked on Astro Boy. Two, we've been watching the extras on the Beauty and the Beast DVD, and in a short interview, he talks about how the star of the movie is a mantle clock named Cogsworth (also the character he was the lead animator on). (Two is also why we were able to notice his name in the Astro Boy credits.) So we went to his blog and it seems really cool and now we're going to follow it! and maybe comment on it someday if we can think of something to say and work up the courage to say it.

And since we have some artistic types reading our LJ, we figured it would probably be a little bit nice of us to share the link. We always get so intimidated by stuff like this the more we realize lots and lots of other people have already found the blog and are commenting on stuff. It's kind of self-defeating, like, "Oh, maybe we can go be noticed by people we think are really cool! ...oh, but look at all these other people. We're sure to fade into the background." And then we go somewhere where we're not even in the background and thus have no chance of ever being noticed ever. We need to get over that. So we're thinking sometime this week we'll go update our LinkedIn profiles.

Today I'm thankful for cool animator blogs, Oreo not having the symptom we were afraid he might have that would mean we need to raise his dosage back up, those really good wafer cookies we got at the 99 Cents Only Store, getting to go to our ward's Thanksgiving dinner tonight, and finishing the adventure game.
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