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The last of the AX'09 pictures

The left nose piece for my glasses seems to have officially vanished. We spent like half an hour looking for it last night to no avail. It had been trying to get lost for months, actually, but we managed to keep it with the help of a little hot glue. We keep wanting to go get eye exams and new glasses, but we haven't had the money or the time. So for now, I just have to deal with it. And we do need to get eye exams first because one, we need new prescriptions (both of us) and two, the reason we need new prescriptions is that we haven't had our eyes checked in like ten years (Athena says she might have had hers checked about seven years ago), so even if we did have those prescriptions, they probably wouldn't be valid any more.

In other news... Right! Pictures! I have this weird hangup about wanting to post all our pictures in order, so the Halloween ones are going to have to wait, but in the meantime, we have more pictures from our July Disneyland trip!

I think last time I mentioned being sad that we didn't have someone in the one Pixie Hollow picture to show how much smaller we'd gotten, but this picture has this very sweet little girl who volunteered to help without even knowing it!

She may not be able to answer our question about the berries, but Rosetta was very adorable.


We saw this picture and thought, "Why the heck did we take that!?" The best I can come up with is that I wanted to take a picture as we were evacuated out of the Autopia line (that's where we are in it) to prove that we were there if it turned into some big news event. It didn't, but we were still there.

In line to ride the Monorail, we got this fantastic view of the Matterhorn towering over the submarine lagoon. (Incidentally, whenever we see photos of the real Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland, we're like, "Whoa! It's exactly the same!" Probably the cave thingies are different, though.)

All the cars parked at Autopia, since the attraction isn't running. Or wasn't at the time. Actually this kind of scenery is why we tend to prefer the other lands in the park.

But on the other hand, turn around and you get this beautiful view of a submarine coming out from under a waterfall.

I took this picture to illustrate why it's so strange to us to hear somebody say they never knew Disneyland had a ride like Storybook Land. See, when you're a little kid at Disneyland, there's one ride you absolutely must go on, and that's Dumbo the Flying Elephant. I can't explain why it's a must-ride, but it is. And while you're in line to Dumbo--and the line doesn't move--you're constantly staring at this (sometimes, it even shoots mist out its blowhole):
How can you constantly be staring at that and not be like, "What is that?" So you get off Dumbo, you go around the corner to see what it is, and hey, there's Storybook Land. Now you know what it is, so you should know about Storybook Land, but to top it all off, how can you see all the boats going right into the whale's mouth! and not want to find out where they're going? That's why it's baffling to us when people from California haven't been on Storybook Land. We guess their parents never wanted to wait in line for Dumbo (which is a shame, because Dumbo's awesome, especially if you're a little kid).

And while we were taking pictures by Dumbo, we took pictures of this other very pretty waterfall.
I'm suddenly realizing that Disneyland has kind of a lot of little waterfalls.

After we got back, we decided to take a picture to illustrate how fancy-shmancy our hotel was.

And last year, the elevator to our tower in the hotel was one of two used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie True Lies. This year, we used the other one! Here's the commemorative plaque:

And now we've finally posted all our AX'09 pictures worth posting. Next up, San Diego Comic Con! We took considerably fewer pictures for Comic Con for some reason. Probably apathy, I don't know. Plus we were in panels like nonstop, and it's really hard to take pictures during panels when you're trying to listen and stuff. Plus panels don't usually make for very interesting pictures, except for the moments when the panelist surprises! you with some silly action or something, but by the time you think, "Oh! I need a picture!" the moment is gone and you haven't even gotten your camera out.

Today I'm thankful for my glasses not being too painful even without that nose piece, finally getting all our AX09 pictures posted, making it through aaaaaaaall those Hot Springs scenes with the CommSphere thing in FFX-2, Heritage Ward Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow (I hope they have regular dinner rolls), and having miniature powdered donuts to eat for breakfast tomorrow.
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