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We finished our work early today and now we're just waiting for Leia to come take us to the vet. But after the vet, we get to go see Astro Boy! Yay! We're pretty excited. Then next week we'll be working on the fanbook (dun dun DUN) again, which is a little scary, but also exciting. Fanbooks are really hard, but last time we finished a Fruits Basket fanbook, exciting things happened afterwards, so we're hoping the trend will keep up. Like finishing the fanbook is the quest that triggers the next event.

Now we're looking at the fanbook to see if we can figure out what our workload will be like for the next couple of weeks. All we're getting it, "Wow, that looks like a lot of text." Also, apparently fifteen people actually voted for Ren as their favorite character. Interesting.

I'm not sure what else to talk about... oh, right! I didn't really talk about what we did at the haunted house last week. Really, we did a few different things, but the one worth mentioning the most is the mad scientist's room. There was a table for a lab experiment, and we took turns being that experiment. The tour guides would give the guests a chance to pull The Switch and pretend-electrocute whoever was on the table. It seems like an easy job, but I think all that twitching might have made for quite a workout. Also, I think I bruised my scalp.

What was most interesting was what the tour guides would say to the guests. Most of them were just like, "Who wants to pull the switch and see what happens?" Athena says one of the tour guides would say, "Somebody pull that switch, see if we can turn on the lights." The scariest one was actually from the wife of the guy running the haunted house, who happens to be an adorable little Asian woman. She would bring the guests into the room and say, "This person is almost dead. Who wants to kill her?" It was even scarier when the kids were like, "Yeah!" I sure hope they have a firm hold on reality versus fiction. (Though one of the kids was kind enough to at least say, "Put her out of her misery.") Much preferable was the tour guide who explained that the girl had died on the tour and they were trying to bring her back to life to avoid a lawsuit from her parents. And of course, not related to the experiment thing, we gotta love what Gaston said when he was leading tours: "This is our mad scientist's room. I don't know what he's so upset about."

While one of us was on the experiment table, the other one would be leading tours. We were kind of hoping for a clone effect, but the guests didn't seem to get it. Although there were a few times outside of the mad scientist's room where a guest would be like, "Didn't I just see her...?" So it wasn't entirely a wasted effort.

Today I'm thankful for the bruise on my scalp being healed, finishing that Negima translation before deadline (I didn't realize we were cutting it so close!), getting to see Astro Boy, Leia once again being kind enough to take us to the vet, and being more than halfway through the fanbook (dun dun DUN).
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