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Disney's Halloween Treat

First, I guess I ought to clear things up about yesterday. Our Relief Society president came over to talk, mostly because she wanted to address an incident at church on Sunday when I was kind of harsh with a comment, and it wasn't the first time something like it had happened, so she wanted to bring it to our attention. She was very nice about it, but when we posted yesterday, I was still in the "I'm a terrible person" phase and hadn't quite gotten to the "okay, I'll learn from this mistake, fix it, and move on" phase. Also, her visit took a couple of hours, which was kind of a big chunk out of our work day, and thus another reason I didn't feel like starting the trick-or-treat report.

So anyway.
Let's see... we left on... Wednesday. Yes, it was Wednesday. We dropped Oreo off at the Pets Hotel, and were very pleased that the staff seemed so friendly. We were sad to leave him, but happy that he was most likely in good hands. And then we went to the train station. I seriously almost typed "airport," which really doesn't make any sense at all. Gaston's wife, who will now be referred to as Alice because of her recent obsession with the character, picked us up at the train station down south and took us to their apartment. When we got there, we all got out the extra material from our costumes and started a hair bow assembly line! Alice has a rotary cutter and managed to cut long strips of fabric in mere seconds! It was amaaaaaazing! If only we'd had one of those when we made Luva's turban thingie way back when.

After that, it was time for dinner. This is where there were some issues, because Gaston and Alice really love to feed people wonderful, delicious food, but we're not so big on the eating thing. Alice had been craving French onion soup, and there was baked chicken, salad, and French bread. The chicken and bread were very very good. Alice was surprised to learn that we don't like salad, because she doesn't know anybody else like that. We were surprised to learn that, because every picky eater we know hates vegetables. Gaston was a little sulky about us not eating. I tried the French onion soup, but there's just something in my brain that rejected the idea of eating it. It didn't even really taste bad. Afterward we had ice cream, which I think made everybody happy.

Gaston showed us his Gaston costume and it was pretty amazing. Then Alice went to bed because she had work the next day, and the rest of us stayed up watching TV. We really need to stop doing that, but we only had one main objective to accomplish before the trick-or-treat party, and that was Space Mountain. Or rather, Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy.

Unlike the Haunted Mansion Holiday, Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy doesn't broadcast the fact that anything's different. Well, except for the one "Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy" sign outside of Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. But the line isn't decorated, they didn't change the safety videos... it's pretty much the same. Until you get to the big room where they load people onto their spacecrafts. There's a monitor there that's looking out over the planet we're all orbiting (is what I think is supposed to be the scenario). That's always been there, so it's not really unusual, until the image wavers, and then goes all green and paranormal photography-like, and then gets all staticky and the blue screen of death (or was it green?) shows up to let us know we lost the signal. Something is out there. (Incidentally, that's supposed to be Something and not something, but it was at the beginning of the sentence so it didn't come out.)

Once on the ride, it starts mostly like usual, except darker. There's one tunnel that usually has a bunch of horizontal white lights lining the wall, but they were all off, so now it's pitch black. Then you get to the launch tunnel, where they take you up to the top of... the ride, really, but I was trying to think of the cool "space" term to make it more awesome, and it's not even really the top, but it's the launch tunnel anyway. Or I think that's what it's called. Anyway. As you go up this tunnel, you can see outside to all the stars and space and stuff, and at the very top, there's this galaxy, which I think is our destination? Or maybe they just built the launch tunnel like that so we'd have a nice view on our way up. But as we were climbing, this giant Something! flies up in front of us, grabs the tunnel by the exit, and sends electric ghost waves all the way down! Whoa! Scary!

All through the rest of our space flight, we'd keep coming across the ghost's hand trying to grab us, or his eye watching us. And of course every time he tried to grab us, there would be a sharp turn or a drop as we tried to get away. There was one part where you try to run from him but he chases you! Aaaaahhh!

All in all, it was pretty cool. Just barely too creepy for me to want them to keep it that way all year round, but definitely neat. We have one legitimate complaint and one whiny fan complaint. The legitimate complaint is that we could tell whenever the phantom was going to show up, because all the stars disappeared in the areas where s/he was projected. It shouldn't be that hard to add stars in the animation. Even if they don't match the regular Space Mountain stars, those images would be a lot less conspicuous. And my other complaint is that I want to know who/what the phantom is, and why it's after us. It's cool to think you're going on this ride like normal and suddenly, hey wait! this isn't normal! what's going on!? The mystery element is very nice. But now that I've been through the ride, I want to know the solution to the mystery. Ah well, maybe next year.

Other things we did at Disneyland before the party included watching Billy Hill and the Hillbillies (I got pictures this time! but they're not that great because my photography skills still leave much to be desired) and finding a Gaston pin at one of the places that sells a bunch of pins. We were hoping against all hope that we'd be able to find three different ones, so each of the silly girls could show her fangirl pride, but it's hard enough to find Gaston merchandise as it is, and we were lucky to get just the one. Gaston bought it and wore it at the party. Also, we went to Big Thunder Ranch, where they had a bunch of really cool carved pumpkins. Of course I got pictures of those, too.

We went on Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy a second time. This time, since we'd seen the pictures they take at the end and that they stick the phantom in the background, we decided to all look at the phantom and act scared for our photo. It would have turned out super awesome, except that we all leaned back while we posed, and so the two of us leaning out of the spacecraft (me and Gaston) ended up having the top halved of our faces cropped out of the picture. I would have bought that photo, too. Alas.

Then it was time to meet up with Alice, change into our costumes, and head over to Mickey's Trick-or-Treat party. When Gaston bought his pin, we told the guy who sold it to him about our costumes, and he warned us that they might kick us out. So now we were very nervous.

Tune in next time to see if we made it to the party!

Today I'm thankful for cool Space Mountain gimmicks, said gimmicks not being around all year (eheh), Alice being determined that we all have hair bows (they turned out so adorably), awesome carved pumpkins, and that really cool battle in Negima!.
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