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I can flying now, motto takaku, tooku made...

We've been going through a phase of listening to all our Saiyuki music. This isn't all that surprising, since we probably have more Saiyuki music than any other kind of CD we have, which means we probably like it a lot. Maybe you've noticed the several references I've made to it in the last week or so.

It kind of started a couple of weeks ago when we had just watched some Saiyuki Reload, and didn't want to break the Saiyuki ambience. So we played the "Fukisusabu Kaze no Nakade" single. WAG songs are very interesting, or at least the ones the play for Saiyuki are. It's kind of like, "No, that's okay. Write whatever lyrics you want; we'll make them fit." Which is why "Fukisusabu thing thing thing" is so hard to sing. The next day (it was Saturday), we were determined we would figure out how to sing it, and spent like half the day on it. Now I'm confident that we wouldn't suck if we were to sing it at karaoke.

Saiyuki music makes me wonder, though. We've translated some of the songs, and there are a few where the lyrics are just... ... well, let's just say that "bitter fruits" is aptly named. This has been a concern since about a year ago when we had a lesson in church on worthy music. I could say that at least none of them are about drinking and smoking and having sex... but then I remember Gojyo and laugh. None of them are about killing the police or beating your mother, though. That's something.

Still, despite that, I get the feeling that a few months ago, when Oreo refused to come out from under the covers, he would always brave it when we were playing Saiyuki music. It's possible that it was any music that would have coaxed him out, because, like I said, we have more Saiyuki music than anything else, but I still get the feeling that we have both cats with us when we're listening to Saiyuki music than any other time, excluding video games.

Also, despite some lyrics that I tend to disagree with in other songs, Goku songs often have very happy lyrics. And some of them even seem to tie in with the Gospel, or at least they fit in with my religious views, whether they're accurate interpretations or not. For example, in "infinity," the second chorus says, "I'm sure that people will someday be able to release infinite power, as long as they live each day facing the sun."

Really I only have two examples, so I might as well post both of them. The other one is in "I can fly." The first chorus goes (changing the English to proper grammar), "I can fly now, higher, farther. A new stage is beginning to awaken. I can fly now; even if I deepen my wounds, I won't be afraid. Aiming for the far off light, everything is alright." I may not have punctuated that properly; this is straight from memory.

I just wanted to point those out, because I think it's interesting that something like Saiyuki would have lyrics like that. Although I guess, thinking of Goku's personality, they're not all that surprising.

And now, I'm in Saiyuki mode still, but I had to post this now, because I have a feeling that the Saiyuki mode will come to an end later today. Not to say it won't ever come back, of course, because all we have to do is watch another DVD.
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