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Oh man, no rest for the weary, I tell you! We got back at about three-thirty this afternoon, got Donald to agree to drive us to the Pets Hotel to get Oreo, and got a phone call from Gaston's brother, whom I will refer to as Sylar, asking us to help with the haunted house we helped at last week. When we got back with Oreo, Han was already at our apartment to take us to the haunted house, so we had to change into costume really fast and then abandon Oreo yet again (okay, so we didn't have to, but Sylar needed our help). Then we got back and got caught up on e-mail and stuff, and now I can finally post. But we're very very tired (we somehow always manage to stay up super late talking with Gaston on the nights before we leave his apartment) and we want to give Oreo a little attention before we head off to bed, so more details will have to be forthcoming. And they'll probably wait until Sunday, because the haunted house opens a little early tomorrow, and we feel so rushed right now.

Today I'm thankful for certain friends not dying from the carbon monoxide leak in their apartment, the super awesome time we had on our trip, Oreo having been good at the Pets Hotel (they said he behaved very well except that he wouldn't take his medicine (gasp), and he wouldn't let anybody pet him), peanut butter sandwiches being very fast and easy to make, and the magical soothing powers of Mamoru Miyano's song "Discovery."
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