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I don't want to update, because that means sitting at our computer chairs which are not as comfy as the sofa. But it's better to get it done. After we turned in our column (a little late, eheh), we spent the rest of the day on costumes. All I had left were the two vests, but they took sooooooooo loooooong. Now they're almost done--they just need grommets. Athena's was putting grommets in the red one almost the whole time I was sewing the yellow one together, and she's only got them in one side. They're not even hard to put in. But first we have to put holes in six layers of fabric, and we don't have any scissors that feel like they're up to the task. So it's taking a while.

But once we're done, we'll have shiny new costumes for our super awesome Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party! It's very exciting. We've heard a little bit about what they did to Space Mountain for Halloween, too, and it sounds super awesome. On the other hand, we mostly like Halloween for the dressing up in costumes, with the candy as a nice added bonus, so we're a little bit worried that we'll be a little creeped out when we get back to our friends' apartment to spend the night. We're working on a few countermeasures. Or we would be if we were done with costumes.

Our other big concern is whether or not we're going to be warm enough at the party, since it's outside and our costumes aren't exactly the warmest. They'd probably be fine if we were more used to being outside, but we're not. On the other hand, we'll probably be moving around a lot, so maybe they'll be fine. And I'm just rambling to fill up space. This entry seemed too short. But I guess it's better than a super long entry that's just plain boring, so maybe I shouldn't push it.

Today I'm thankful for being almost done with our costumes, being able to buy all the little finishing touch type items that we hadn't bought yet, getting to spend lots of time with Oreo today, being able to solve the not-quite-enough bias tape problem without another trip to the store, and having some peanut butter cookie dough to bake tonight.
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