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It's all working out!

We have some pretty amazing friends, I think. First off, Leia immediately agreed to take us to the vet at nine-thirty this morning to get a medicine refill for Oreo. We were very happy to discover that the vet was in fact open today, because we were sure they were closed on Sundays and Mondays. This must be a recent new development.

Anyway, we went to the vet and discussed the possibility of pills to make it easier for our other friend, the RS President, to give him his medicine. But we actually have Oreo on Prednisolone, and not Prednisone. Prednisolone is basically the same, but better for cats, or something, so we like it, but they only make pills of Predisone. Boo. So we stuck with the syrup. This time, they gave us strawberry flavor, which smells much nicer than the cherry flavor we had before (we always liked strawberry better than cherry anyway), but according to Brother H, there is no disguising the nasty nastiness of steroid medicine, so we're a little sad to put Oreo through this, but we're going to start trying to wean him off of it in a couple of weeks, after we're sure he's okay without the other two medicines we had him on.

But what was more insane was what happened last night. Gaston called to finalize our trick-or-treat plans, and he said he could drive us back to Fresno but would really appreciate it if we got train tickets down there. He even kind of apologized for not driving us both ways! And it's like four hours away! And he would have to make it a round-trip! And he's apologizing for only doing it once! That's, like, incredible. Then he went to order his tickets, only they were all sold out for Wednesday, which is when we had our tickets for. We'd even already got them in the mail and everything. This was a problem.

So he called this morning and found out he could maybe exchange our tickets if he took them down to the park, but we had them so he couldn't. So he bought four tickets! for Thursday night, and then started looking on Craig's List to see if he could sell our Wednesday night tickets. Fortunately, he was able to sell them for substantially more than he paid (we hope the guy buying them is doing well financially), which was even enough to make up the cost of overnighting our tickets to Gaston so he could give them to the buyer.

Then RS President gave us another ride to the post office. We're just getting rides from people all over the place. And she said she loves to do it, because it gives her a chance to get to know us, and that makes us feel a lot better after the guilt trips for not learning how to drive. (Incidentally, learning how to drive will not automatically buy us a car.) We're still pretty astounded that Gaston practically apologized for only driving us one way from the LA area to Fresno.

And then! we came home and called the Pets Hotel. RS President had already offered to give our cat medicine, but we worry so much, and the Pets Hotel is a hotel for pets inside PetSmart, with emergency vets on-call 24/7, so we know that if anything happens or goes wrong with his medicine, they'll be able to take care of it right away. Plus we still only had syrup, and RS President is more used to administering pills. So we called the Pets Hotel to get a price (also, after checking their web site, we kind of fell in love with the place), and *gasp!* it's only $16 a night! That actually makes sense, if you consider that there are people hotels for not too much more than that (really cheap ones, but still), but we were worried that it's a luxury thing, and if people can afford luxury for their pets, they can pay more... So we were very happy to hear that and made a reservation right away! It will cost an extra $2 a night for medicating him, but we were prepared for more than that.

So basically, we're just very happy and relieved that everything is working out, and feeling very blessed to know so many people who are more than happy to help us get around. (RS President and Leia have both told us to call them more often.) And of course we're so excited to go to Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party! But we do feel a little bad for leaving Oreo with strangers. Fortunately, he'll have a hypoallergenic lambskin blanket to hide under.

Today I'm very thankful for Leia taking us to the vet, RS President taking us to the post office, Gaston driving us home from Disneyland, the Pets Hotel (and it not being too expensive), and Donald already having agreed to take us to the train station. And having so many amazing friends.
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