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Last week, the library's copy machine ran out of toner. One of the only things we do as ward librarians is make copies for people, so it was a little sad that we couldn't really help anybody this week--and we had a lot of people come in that we had to turn away, saying, "Copier's out of ink." I don't know why they don't have extra toner in the library with instructions on how to replace it, but they don't so all we could do was apologize to people for not being able to help.

On the other hand, one thing that tends to happen in the library is that somebody will come in from our ward, and we'll start talking about stuff, and then someone will come in needing copies and that will be the end of our conversation. So for this week, the copier being out of commission was a blessing for us, since we've been whinily starved for attention.

The first person to come in for something other than copies was our Relief Society president. She asked us how we were doing, and we explained that we're nervous about Oreo and his medicine. (Incidentally, he threw up a good portion of two consecutive doses, which has us extra nervous. But we haven't seen any of the symptoms the doctor warned us about, so we think he's okay.) We also told her that we want to go to Disneyland on Wednesday, and explained our concern that we don't want to saddle anyone with the very difficult task of giving Oreo his medicine while we're away. But she said that she's used to giving medicine to her sister's cat, and she would love to help us out with Oreo if we need it! That's one less thing to worry about, yay! Now we just have to hope that the vet really is open on Mondays like the nurse said they are, because we're just about out of medicine (we were so distracted by everything on Saturday we didn't even think to go get more then).

And we just got to talk to a lot of people today, about fun things like Disneyland and Kingdom Hearts. My new visiting teacher is actually also someone I visit teach. It's like the Lord is trying to say, "Hey, make friends with this person already!" She's a big Disney fan who also loves Kingdom Hearts and has even heard of manga (but I don't know if she reads any). And we talked to Donald about Disneyland and The Princess and the Frog and stuff. He can't afford to go to Disneyland (unless he hears about financial aid tomorrow), but he is willing to drive us to the train station so we can go down there for our trick-or-treat plans! Wow, everything is falling into place! Now we just need to hear from Gaston and/or his wife... and get to a fabric store to buy the things to finish our costumes.

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk to a lot of friendly people, the Bishop's lesson in Relief Society (including the quote, "When good men and good women face challenges with optimism, Things Will Work Out."), people who are nice enough to help us with the things we need for our trip, the promise of dessert tonight, and Oreo relaxing very comfortably under the bed (the under the bed part isn't that important--just the "relaxing" and "comfortably" parts).
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