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Long weekend

Wow, these last couple of days have been long. I think we're going to spend most of the rest of the day playing video games and calming down. We felt bad turning down helping at the haunted house again tonight, but not bad enough to do it anyway. When we said we were willing to do it, Leia was like, "Are you sure? I'll come get you, but only if you really want me to," and we were like, "That condition has not been met..." On the other hand, we realize that helping other people is usually the best way to get out of a funk, but we think we're in the "let us play video games and calm down first" phase. We are so helping out next week, though. Sorry Leia's friend who looks like Sylar!

So anyway. Last night we helped at the haunted house. It was fun but tiring. I don't know if it was more tiring because it was so empty that night, or if we have a lot of tiredness in store for next weekend when, hopefully, it will have more people. We wore our Donald and Goofy costumes, because we weren't sure what to expect, and those are pretty good standard costumes. We found out when we got there that two of the roles in the haunted house are guinea pig for the mad scientist room and victim of the gigantic spider, and those seemed really fun, but you kind of need to be wearing cute, girly costumes for those. So next weekend we will be better prepared. But I think we won't get to be spider victims, because another girl thought it up and so she gets dibs. It would be so awesome in the Renaissance peasant costumes that we should have finished by next week. So last night, we spent just jumping out at people, mostly. And standing on the street corner with a sign advertising the house. It was pretty fun, but I tore my Goofy pants on a screw in one of the coffins. That had me pretty irritated, and when I got home and could fix it, I discovered that I had had the audacity to bleed on the pants as well. Apparently the screw also cut my skin. Boo.

Today was chock full of action, too. Aurora and her husband are in town, and Mom wanted to take pictures with everybody. We didn't want to do it for a few reasons, including that we knew it would be long and involved, but at least we got to practice our Top Model skills, I guess. After that, we went to In N Out for lunch, and then we joined Mom, our sisters, and their spouses on a trip to the Underground Gardens. Basically, this guy moved to Fresno from Italy, and while he was digging a cellar in the middle of the summer, he realized, "Hey, it's a lot cooler down here than it is at ground level!" So he decided to build his home by digging it low into the ground. Then he thought he'd make a resort out of it, and have a bunch of people come with their families and hang out and eat fruit right off the fruit trees he has all over the place, but he died before he could make the dream a reality. It was a pretty cool place, in more ways than one! Ah ha ha...

After that it was time to go kitty shopping. The Central California SPCA has an adoption center in one of the popular shopping areas in town, and off we went. Aurora and her husband went to the nearby bookstore, since Aurora didn't want to shop for kitties (probably because of her allergies) but knew that it's not something that should be rushed, and Celeste and Mom came with us. This is where things got tricky. See, we're not sure if we'd actually be able to keep a new cat very long, because Oreo can be territorial. So the plan was to get a cat, and if Oreo really couldn't stand it, we'd give it to Celeste, because she had been wanting a cat for a long time, but her husband's been reluctant (they already have two dogs).

But while we were there, Celeste is talking like, "If I were to get a cat, I would want..." so Mom's like, "Get one! I'll pay for it!" And Celeste is like Mom, in that they can both find exactly what they want really fast. We do not share that trait. So Celeste picked out her cat reallyreallyfast!, and Mom stuck with her, like, "Okay, we've made our decision!" Only the Twins had not made their decision. So eventually Mom got tired and Celeste was in line to sign all the paperwork and stuff, and we say, "We can't decide!" and Mom's like, "Fine, I'll pick for you!" That's not what we wanted--we wanted help picking. It's a subtle difference. So Mom went and grabbed the cat that was her favorite and handed it to us so we could get in line to sign the paperwork and stuff, and then went off to do something. At that point, the cat started acting like he really didn't want to go with us, so Athena put him back and we looked back at this other cat. She was really friendly and wanting attention when we got there, but as people kept coming into the cat area, she started getting really nervous and went off to hide.

So we thought we might get that one, because she seemed anxious to leave and be in a quiet place. But it just didn't feel right, and we were really upset about being rushed after being ignored, so we put her back and decided not to get a cat this time after all. We figure it's for the best, because we're going to be gone a lot between now and Halloween, and we don't want to leave kitties alone with unfamiliar kitties. Of course this does nothing to help our anxiety for Oreo, which has only increased since the doctor told us we need to be really careful not to miss too many doses of his Prednisolone. It's the kind of medicine that if we take him off of it too suddenly, he'll get all the same symptoms he had before, only for different reasons. But we still reeeeeally want to go trick-or-treating at Disneyland, and we have no idea who we can ask to take care of him while we're gone. It's even harder because the medicine makes him gag, which means if we give it to him all at once, he'll just vomit it all back up, so we have to give it to him in increments, which just means catching him that many more times.

Anyway. Now we're still worried about Oreo and his medicine and his lack of companionship, and we're upset about not getting enough attention. And we realize that it's selfish to want attention all the time, but we have been going through some really hard times kitty-wise, and we were hoping that we could at least get some support and help choosing a new cat to keep Oreo company while we're gone doing all this crazy stuff. And on top of that, we recently found out, in a roundabout way, that one of our sisters got mad at us for asking one of our friends to drive us around back when we were driving Oreo all over the place when he was sick. Like we're somehow doing something terribly wrong by needing help. Fortunately, we trust that friend to not hate us for asking for help, but man. It's like our own family thinks our existence is a crime or something (<--melodrama). It's times like these I reeeeeally want to live closer to Disneyland.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the Underground Gardens, managing to not find ourselves at the end of Aurora's jokes today, getting to spend a quiet evening at home with Oreo, getting a chocolate milkshake, and Celeste noticing we were upset and apologizing sincerely.
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