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I think that working on Negima! is just about the same amount of exhausting as working on the fanbook (dun dun DUN), but Negima! has the added bonus of story developments (one of our favorite things ever) and only having to translate one page per page. So now, when we're fiiiiinally done working and we look to see how much progress we've made, even though it felt kind of slow, it's like, "Oh wow! Sixty pages!" which is soooo much better than the looking at our progress and thinking, "Oh wow! We got a whole fifteen pages done! (Results not typical.)"

Sixty pages isn't really normal for Negima! (though one time we got as many as eighty pages done in a day), but this particular volume, according to Akamatsu-sensei's comment in the front, is entirely made up of one battle. We read that and would have been happy, because normally battles mean big pictures and very little dialogue, but we know better from Negima!. Although it's probably also true that Negima! is not the only shounen manga in which each battle requires spectators (or sometimes participants) to explain each special technique in detail and why it does or does not work. On the bright side, maybe that's why the lexicon is so short this time (all the explanations are already in the dialogue). And the translation is still going a little bit faster.

In a complete change of subject, I'm very sad that we no longer have Reese's trees to snack on. We ran out of ink for our printer a few days ago, and we kept forgetting to stop by somewhere to get more when we were out and about running all kinds of errands last week, so we figured we could use some exercise and walked to Office Depot to get some printer ink. And right on top of the counter where we purchased it, they had Reese's Christmas trees. Of course they were several weeks early, but it had been a vaguely annoying day and I wanted chocolate, dang it! So we each got one, and then ate them as soon as we got home and they were sooooooo good. But now they're gone and we don't have anymore, and Office Depot is mean and charges almost a whole dollar for them (99 cents, to be exact). Oh well.

We also finally got the thing from the Disney Movie Club letting us know that we can order Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We're having kind of a hard time deciding what to do. Obviously we want to get it, but they're starting to learn from Japan or something, because they have two different collector's sets we could buy--regular and deluxe. Oy. I'm not entirely convinced that whatever's in those books that come with the collector's sets isn't also on the DVD extras, but it's hard to know without actually getting the book and flipping through it. And then they went and put different covers on the books in each set so it's like, "Wait, are they different books? Do they have different contents? Ooooohhhh noooooo!!"

Right, I just remembered we're thinking of getting a Twitter account. We're not sure if we want to use something like our LJ name, or if we should use our business's name. We're also not sure if we can get a Twitter account without cell phones, but that just comes from lack of checking.

Today I'm thankful for Reese's Christmas trees, story developments, monkey matchmaking in Final Fantasy X-2, only having to translate one page per page, and getting the chance to exercise yesterday.
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